Spanish Passport – Most powerful passport in 2023 ranking


In the latest update from the VisaGuide.World Passport Index, the Spanish passport has asserted its dominance, securing the top position among 199 passports worldwide. This recognition places it as the most influential passport in December 2023.

Spanish passport

Spanish passport Holders

Passport holders are in for a treat as the Spanish passport offers an impressive array of benefits. According to, enthusiasts and explorers with this passport can relish passport-free access to 43 countries. Additionally, an extensive 106 countries grant visa-free entry to Spanish nationals.

Moreover, holders enjoy entry with a travel authorization (eTA) to 11 countries, visa on arrival to 30 countries, and online visa access to another 18 countries.

Top Contenders

In the rankings following closely, Singapore secures the second spot, with Germany in third, Italy in fourth, and France rounding out the top five. Dion Pllana, a Global Travel Trends Analyst, notes that European passports, particularly those of EU and Schengen Area Member States, dominate the upper echelons of the ranking.

Noteworthy Non-EU/Schengen Entries

Breaking into the top 40 positions, several non-EU/Schengen countries make their mark:

  • Singapore at 2nd
  • Japan at 15th
  • South Korea at 27th
  • United Kingdom at 28th
  • New Zealand at 29th
  • Australia at 34th
  • Canada at 38th
  • United Arab Emirates at 39th
  • United States at 40th

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the Spanish passport goes beyond the sheer number of visa-free entries. A specific index considers various travel types, such as visa, e-visa, visa-on-arrival, passport-free, and visa-free, assigning distinct values to each.

Updated monthly, the index reflects the dynamic changes in global visa and travel policies.

Passport Power Dynamics Over Time

Notably, earlier this year, the Italian passport held the crown as the most powerful European passport and the world’s third most potent, following Singapore and Japan. The Italian passport landscape showcased extensive privileges, including passport-free travel, visa-free access, and various online and on-arrival authorizations.

However, in the current rankings, the Italian passport has shifted to the fourth position globally, highlighting the fluid nature of passport power dynamics.

Spanish passport – Future Prospects

While passport rankings are subject to change, the Spanish passport’s current supremacy offers travelers unprecedented access and privileges. As global travel policies evolve, passport holders can anticipate continued updates and adjustments in the rankings.

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