Choleric Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses


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Choleric Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses-Choleric people have brilliant intellect and sharp penetrating insight. They are most times bold, daring, original, imaginative, visionary, courageous, audacious, contentious, dramatic, bombastic manner; high-powered personalities. The ideal man prefers to leave the details to others. Prone to anger, impatience, irritability, and short temper.
Choleric people are characterized by the element of Fire, the season of Summer, early adulthood, the color fiery red, Mars, and the characteristics of “Hot” and “Dry.” The lion is the animal used to symbolize the Choleric.
They command their subordinates and assert their dominance using force and anger. If challenged, they would respond by getting angry, and larger, in order to intimidate and to prove that they were the strongest, the fittest to lead. In society, they often tend towards leadership positions like managers, politicians, captains, team leaders, and so on, though not necessarily. In fantasy, they are the proud warriors, the esteemed Kings.


Choleric Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

Domination Choleric people strive to be leaders and directors in societies. They always seek to be in control of situations, to be on top, and to be the best. This doesn`t necessarily mean that they are all driven to reach the top of the corporate ladder on a global scale, or that they all want to have those leadership roles, but the tendency for being on top of everything is prevailing in day-to-day interactions with other people.
They always use imperative, commanding language, wording things as orders rather than requests, they are firm and many times forceful in their approach to problems. They believe in tough love and also try to help others by challenging them to prove themselves, as they themselves would. 
Their confidence and demanding nature make them believe they are natural leaders, but this doesn`t mean that they would necessarily enjoy the leadership positions, they are just more likely to take charge if necessary rather than fumbling around worrying. They will challenge others aggressively, just to show their respect for the person`s strength. They believe that it is important to prove oneself.


Strengths of Choleric Temperament

The Choleric always prove they are strong by speaking their mind, but often don`t mind their speech. Their pride and drive for dominance, as well as their open expression of emotion, leads to outright aggression when challenged. 
They will raise their voices and get angry to show that they are the strongest or biggest, and to assert superiority. 
They will plow through obstacles that bar their path and are also single-minded in moving toward their goals.
A born leader, Dynamic and active, with a Compulsive need for change, must correct wrongs, Strong-willed and decisive, Unemotional, not easily discouraged, Independent and self-sufficient, and exudes confidence Choleric people are people of enthusiasm; they are not satisfied with the ordinary and crave for great success in all life affairs: large fortunes, a vast business, an elegant home, a distinguished reputation or a predominant position. 
The natural virtue of a choleric person is ambition. His desire to excel and succeed despises the little and vulgar and also aspires to the noble and heroic.
A keen intellect – the choleric is not always, but usually endowed with considerable intelligence. They are not frightened by difficulties, but in case of obstacles show energy so much more and persevere also under great difficulties until he has reached their goal.
Strong passions – the choleric is very passionate. Whenever the choleric is bent upon carrying out his plans or finds opposition, he is filled with passionate excitement.
An oftentimes subconscious impulse to dominate others and make them subservient. The choleric is made to rule. They feel happier when they are in the position to command, and draw others to themselves or to organize large groups.
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