Top 40 Best Blogs in the World for Bloggers to Follow

Top 40 Best Blogs in the World for Bloggers to Follow: Everyone loves to read quality blogs, it`s a great way to learn something new, something useful, or to be entertained. However, a lot of people want to become influential bloggers and want to start a blog.

Creating a blog is one of the best decisions you can make because blogging can provide you with numerous benefits. Also, with a blog, you can educate, inspire, and help others to build awareness.

Blogging can open a lot of opportunity doors for you and help make a difference not only in your personal life but also in the lives of your readers. This is why we have a list of The 40 Best Blogs in the World for bloggers to follow.


What Exactly is a Blog?

Before I list the 40 best blogs in the world to follow, let`s quickly go over what is a blog. A blog is a web page or website that is updated on a regular basis with content that readers can find educational or inspirational.

However, it can be said to be an online journal where you express your thoughts and feelings and share them with the world and if you are lucky it will be among the best blogs in the World.

A blog has a lot of purposes, such as promoting a business and increasing sales, raising the awareness of an individual cause or a brand, or establishing one`s self as an expert in a particular field, to name just a few. Although, it all depends on the type of blog.

The key to blog success is providing real value to your readers using a friendly and conversational tone of voice while remaining consistent.


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Blog Structure

A good blog should have the following structures:

  • Header: with the navigation bar
  • Main content area: with highlighted or latest blog posts
  • Sidebar: with social profiles, call-to-action, or favorite content
  • Footer: with relevant links like privacy policy, a disclaimer, contact page, etc

Most Popular Niches that drive traffic and make money

A blog niche is a specific topic you will write about on your blog. When looking for a niche to focus your blog on, you must consider those with a thriving market. Also, a niche with great potential to generate traffic and income.

Listed below are the most popular ones, so they have great traffic and income power.

  • Travel Blogs
  • Health blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Tech and Gaming blogs
  • Parenting blogs

What do Best Blogs have in common?

There are millions of blogs on the web, but there are things that the best blogs have in common. below are what makes a blog the best among the rest.

  • They provide contents that offer real value to their readers
  • They have a unique voice that their readers want to hear

The 40 Best Blogs in the World for bloggers to follow

As a blogger, here is a list of the best blog you need to follow:

This platform came number one on our list because of its popularity and it allows everyone to turn their stories, experiences, and services into information and actually earn from what they share.




This platform list the most popular songs and albums each week in the industry. It offers industry news, podcasts, events, and music streaming. 


It offers the latest news, Fashion, catwalk photos, trends, and designers.

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This platform is for Podcasts, videos, interviews, and photo galleries covering the latest entertainment news in Australia and around the world. Their Articles primarily cover celebrity lifestyle, focusing on health, fashion, beauty, as well as travel.


The Verge 


This is an ambitious multimedia effort founded nine years ago. It is made to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience.


Business Insider


Business Insider is High-end business journalism keeping readers up-to-date on economic news as well as interviews with top entrepreneurs. There are also trend analyses, educated predictions, and tips on how to improve businesses.




In Entrepreneur, you find business news, webinars and events, book recommendations, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs. This site is updated daily and even has a magazine for longer-form pieces.


Fast Company 


Fast Company gives readers both economic news and advice on how to better grow their business, with an editorial focus on innovation in technology, creativity, world-changing ideas, leadership, and design.




This standout voice in pop culture and music delivers top news across artists, TV, albums, film, and video.




People cover all things show business, including entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and the latest on movies, new shows, and popular books.


Seeking Alpha 


This is an investing community that includes millions of passionate investors that connect daily to discover and share new investing ideas, debate the merits of stocks, discuss the latest news, and make informed investment decisions.




This platform shares breaking industry news and in-depth analysis to ensure investors receive the most important and critical information that they need.

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Gizmodo is a design, science, technology, and science fiction website that also features articles on politics.




This offers the latest in music and jams without the distraction of ads and clickbait. videos, top charts, and celebrity feature along with the best apps, recommendations, and music news.


Yahoo! Sports


This platform covers all the top sports as well as fantasy leagues. In addition to sports coverage, predictions over hockey, football, soccer, and other sports can be found. Click here

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