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Instagram is set to captivate users by allowing them to share Instagram profiles directly in their Stories

Instagram is a captivating canvas where people worldwide share the beauty of their lives, transcending boundaries through visually stunning moments and creative expressions. It transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, fostering connections and celebrating the uniqueness of individuals. Instagram’s essence lies in uniting people through the universal language of imagery, creating a digital tapestry of human stories.

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Instagram’s Latest Upgrade: Sharing Instagram Profiles in Stories

Instagram, the trailblazer in ephemeral content with its introduction of Stories in 2016, has continuously evolved to keep users engaged. Boasting a daily user count of 500 million in 2019, Stories has been a game-changer. Now, Meta-owned Instagram is on the brink of introducing an exciting feature to Stories, allowing users to share another user’s profile directly.

The New Feature of Instagram Profiles:

Renowned developer Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) recently unveiled a potential game-changing feature in the works for Instagram. This feature will enable users to seamlessly share other users’ instagram profiles on their Stories, akin to the existing “Add to Story” option. Viewers will be enticed to explore and follow the mentioned profile, with a “View Profile” button prominently displayed.

Functionality and Impact:

Much like the content shared in Stories, these profile invites are set to disappear after 24 hours, contributing to the ephemeral nature of Instagram Stories. This anticipated feature is poised to boost Instagram profiles visibility and follower count, particularly benefiting content creators and influencers seeking to expand their reach.

Recent Additions:

Instagram has been on a roll with its recent feature additions. The platform introduced song lyrics display for Reels, offering more options to customize content with favorite tunes. Additionally, users can now enjoy new Reels editing tools, allowing for individual clip cropping and rotation.

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Expanded Features and Instagram Profiles:

The Close Friends feature on Instagram, allowing selective sharing of posts and reels to a specific audience, has also seen expansion. This feature ensures that content reaches a curated audience within the main feed. Furthermore, Instagram users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland now have the option to opt for a paid ad-free subscription, part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience.


As Instagram continues to innovate and enhance user interaction, the prospect of sharing profiles in Stories adds a new layer of connectivity, potentially reshaping how users engage with and discover content on the platform.

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