• Law Degrees

    Law Degrees – Different Types of Law Degrees

    Different Types of Law Degrees Law Degrees are of different types and specializations. These are law school electives that will prepare you to practice in any legal field of your choice. Our list is a makeup of the most popular types of law. You go through them to select the one that suits you most, the one you are most passionate about.   Popular Fields of Law Admiralty Law Business Law Constitutional Law Criminal Law Environmental Law First Amendment Law Health Care Law Intellectual property Law Joint Degree Programs Patent Law   #1. Admiralty Law It is also referred to as Maritime law, It covers topics like shipping, navigation, Waters,…

  • covid-19 isolation

    Coronavirus -7 Jobs to do at Home During and After Covid-19 Isolation

    covid-19 isolation Covid-19 Isolation – Jobs have a way of keeping you busy. They distract you from normal life challenges. They help in keeping you occupied and also keeping you in proper mental health. Furthermore, they give money to your pocket. So yes they give you some kind of assurance and relief that something is coming, be it in a month`s time, in a week`s time, or even daily. The Coronavirus (Covid-19 Isolation) kept the world at a standstill at some point. We couldn`t do anything or make ourselves useful. We had to stop our works, social gathering, and even religious gathering. In addition, we kept a distance from friends,…

  • Lifestyle

    What the Alcoholic Should Know

    What the Alcoholic Should Know Some people have their alcohol intake under control. They hardly keep alcohol at home and drink moderately occasionally, maybe with friends or people they know. Some may refer to them as social drinkers. These people who have their alcohol intake under control may not be referred to as alcoholics. They don`t drink too much. But there are alcoholics who have lost control when it comes to alcohol. When they drink – and they drink regularly – they drink too much. These are the people this post addresses particularly. You might want to ask, “Why do people drink too much?” One who likes alcohol may regard…

  • Finance

    Longrich 21st Century Business Opportunity Explained

    Network Marketing is the business of the 21century. I will personally refer you to one of the prominent and rewarding flat forms of network marketing that you can LEVERAGE ON.   Do I hear you say LEVERAGE, yes, leverage? That is what network marketing is all about. Leverage on the platform and build an opportunity to earn consistently even when you are no more active.     The Longrich platform says SWITCH YOUR BRAND AND SHAKE YOUR ACCOUNT. This company has been in existence for 34years and in Nigeria for 7years and counting. They produce a wide range of over 2000 products that one can use. Making use of these products entitles…

  • Finance

    21 Best Business Credit Cards

    A credit card is so important in every business, you just have to use it wisely and avoid making purchases your company can`t afford. Small business credit cards typically have higher spending limits and more generous rewards programs than other consumer cards. Some great benefits such as low APRs, attractive balance transfer promotions, personalized concierge service, and fringe benefits can be gotten from some of these business credit cards. Some also have a cheaper annual fee. Qualifying for business credit cards is kind of different from qualifying for consumer credit cards because some issuers simply require you to submit a valid Social Security number and affirm in writing that you…

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    Contents of a Good Business Plan

    Contents of a Good Business Plan Contents- A startup business plan is simply a document that tells what you plan to do in your business, it is a description of your new or old business`s future, and this content “Business Plan How to Write One” shows how business plans are inherently strategic and easy steps to take. Every b.p needs to have a designed or written  plan. The beginning of a good business is from your business plan. It can provide attract investors or provide directions to success, a business plan is vital for the success of your business or organization.   Here, are contents of a  good business format:…