Coronavirus -7 Jobs to do at Home During and After Covid-19 Isolation

covid-19 isolation

Covid-19 Isolation – Jobs have a way of keeping you busy. They distract you from normal life challenges. They help in keeping you occupied and also keeping you in proper mental health.

Furthermore, they give money to your pocket. So yes they give you some kind of assurance and relief that something is coming, be it in a month`s time, in a week`s time, or even daily.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19 Isolation) kept the world at a standstill at some point. We couldn`t do anything or make ourselves useful. We had to stop our works, social gathering, and even religious gathering.

In addition, we kept a distance from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even family members. This was heartbreaking, but we had to do it for our own safety.

Even in these trying times, it opened our eyes to see job opportunities that were possible from the comfort of our homes.

Below, we bring to you 7 jobs that you can do from home during the isolation and even now after the isolation from the comfort of your home.


#1. Blogging

This is more of a long-term commitment that requires time, passion and commitment.

During the isolation, you have a lot of time at hand so starting your own little dream blog shouldn`t be a problem at all.

You can blog on varieties of topics depending on your passion varying from sports, entertainment, fashion, food and many more.

If you draw a lot of crowds to your blog, you can make a lot of money from it.


#2. Freelance writing

If you are very good at writing articles about things you see, hear or information you hop on, you can make money by simply offering your services to magazines and newspapers closest to you or one which you can find online.

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One good advantage of freelancing is that you often get paid more per hour than an employee will get at the end of the month.


#3. Online business

The very one big advantage of online business is that you would always have a large audience and customer base. Another is that your business will travel globally.

Furthermore, you can always access your business from anywhere in the world so location or relocation can`t be a problem.

You can put your business out there be it baking, crocheting and many more. You can also open an eBay online store to sell out all unused furniture in your apartment.

#4. Online tutoring

With the shutdown of schools, parents are in deep need of tutors who can help close the gap the isolation can cause.

Hence, online tutoring are the only way that can be made possible because we are encouraged to keep social distancing.

You can either start your own online tutoring or join a company that specializes in that. Whichever way you please, it would add money to your pocket while you impact in someone`s life.


#5. Photography

Photography is another way you can get money into your pocket during the isolation.

Take pictures of places, animals and objects, either using a camera or your mobile phone. There are some websites that buys photographs. You can easily upload the pictures online and put a price tag on them. People can go through it and then order for the ones they like.

Society6 is one of the many websites that buy pictures online.


#6. Sell your digital art of prints

If you are very good in Photoshop or designing photos, you can turn your hobby into a skill that will fetch money for you.

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Website 99 Designs is one of the many websites that can help you market your graphic designs. It connects clients who require specialized services to dedicated and passionate designers who can get across a design that expresses what in client want or love.


#7. Transcribing

All you need is a laptop and good typing skills and you can get paid from the comfort of your couch.

Most websites pay per minute, while some pay per word. So hence you can decide to transcribe for as many websites you choose but be careful not to let it eat into your other responsibilities, and also make sure to meet your deadline. Click here

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