How to Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

How to Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

How to Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA, Lot of people will lie to study/work in the US because the United State is a very powerful global force with high economics development and it is many people dream to work/study and build new live in the country. But even if a lot of people want jobs in the United State, it is a long process to get them. There are many steps that foreign people need to take to legally work in the US. We are going to show you several options that will lead you to live the life you want in the United States.

US Visa Sponsorship

Before you can be able to go to work in the United State, you must find a job first. The company you plan to work for must know that you are not a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (LPR), and the employer must be willing to hire someone who is not from the country. If the employer is aware that you are not a US citizen and still wants to hire you, then they agree to sponsor you. To offer visa sponsorship, there are processes that the employer will go through.

The employer visa sponsorship is not exactly a letter as most people think. They are a set of documents that is sent to the US Citizenship and Immigration (the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country, which means you want to live permanently in a country that’s not yours) Services (USCIS). It is not only one sponsorship letter as most people think. The documents must have different forms and letters with the employment information. They must also state that the employer is willingly hiring the employee which is very important.

The US has a large population, so why not hire a US citizen? This is a very difficult/important question that most employers must answer when they try to sponsor a foreign employee. And it is also the tricky part in an employment visa sponsorship, so if you want to work in the US, you must find an employer willing to sponsor you. Working without a sponsorship means you are working illegally. That can have consequences and you might end up deported or arrested and I believe noon of us want that.

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How to Get the Sponsor Letter for US Visa

As instructed above that getting a sponsorship employment visa requires you to have an offer from a employer in the US and the employer must send you a contract to sign, the contract will also be part of the sponsorship documents. In some nonimmigrant visa (NIV) the Department of Labor first requires a Labor Certification this is the part where the US employer will proves that they could not find a suitable US employee, but have to hire a foreign one for the job.

After getting this certification, the employer will then submits the petition. The petition has all the supporting documents, itineraries, contracts and qualifications of the employee. It is then submitted to the USCIS. For nonimmigrant employment visa sponsorships and once the USCIS has the petition and the supporting documents, they process the case, some employees wait for months or even a year until they hear back from USCIS.

Once the USCIS make a decision they send a notification to both the employer and the employee but if the petition is denied the notification will outlines the reasons, but if the petition is approve then the notice will be positive. It will then state the next steps that the employer and employee must take to get the actual visa. Depending on the type of visa they want, then they will start the application process. which is done at a US Embassy in the employee’s home country.

Type of United State Visa

US is a popular destination for foreign applicants for various reasons. They offer superior infrastructure, possess diversity in their community and is easier to access than most European countries.
So the US have different visa and we will be listing them below.

  1. Immigrant Visa
  2. Non-Immigrant Visa
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Immigrant Visa: Immigrant is meant for potential immigrants travelling to US in search of permanent residency. They might want to work there, move in with a family member or spouse. This particular visa is approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration services.

Non-Immigrant Visa: Non-Immigrant Visa are issued to people looking to visit the US for a relatively short period of time and it is also the category lists the popular visas that we hear of very often. E.G. Work visas, student visas, business visas. Each visa under this category is vastly different from some of the other.

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