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Most people do wonder how important it is to have a career in life. The necessity of a career or jobs, getting a career abroad, especially in the United States, can benefit one’s professional development. As we all know that Nigerians today are looking for employment positions in foreign countries like India, the United States, China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and many other countries and it also states that many immigrants leave Africa to find a better place to work, and America provides many such opportunities. In this article will let you know and guide you on how to get a job in the USA from Nigeria.

So for one to get a career abroad, especially in the United States, it can be both a benefit in one’s personal learning and growth experience and professional development for any job opportunities. to get a good pay job in the US you have to start learning new things, developing new skills, and recording employment is attainable when one has a career in his life because anyone that works or has a career can contribute positively to an environment that will bring forth development and the growth of a country’s economy because through his/her contribution He/she can make a stronger community.

When searching for job vacancies online and desire to be successful requires lots of work and commitment, one needs to make a choice in order to be an expatriate.

There is a saying that says “A good day is a payday” which suggests that one can earn fund if he has a career or a job. Like we all know that Nigerians really want to have something doing in order to get pa, and most of them have these believe that it can easily be found when they travelled to the United States, once that person finally has a job, He/she can basically do things that person wants to do, have a comfortable place to live and then pay bills, buy things he/she needs.


Job One Can Get

Medical Assistant: Medical Assistants are responsible for working alongside physicians and provide services in outpatient and ambulatory care facilities which also demand positions in the healthcare industry.
Babysitter: Babysitter also know as Nanny, Their services may require from 2 to 10 hours. Candidates for this position must also have excellent English skills and their pay is hourly and on average they can earn $1,500 monthly.
Software developer: The IT industry is extremely developed in the United States, and they are happy to hire developers, QAs, web designers, engineers, etc. from other countries. To get position in this field, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields, as well as advanced knowledge of the English language.
Cleaner: cleaners work in offices, trading floors, general buildings, private houses and so on. To get position in this field, You can sign a contract with a cleaning agency.
Graders and Sorters: This is one of the most popular jobs for immigrants.
Dishwasher: The average dishwasher gets about $11-$13 per hour. Holding a position in cafes or restaurants, you can work 8-12 hours a day.
Courier: A courier delivers various packages to consumers. Courier work as they get orders placed. and so on



  • To get a career/ job in the United States from Nigeria, you have to follow the step Listed below
  • The level of your experience in your line of the field
  • The level of your educational
  • Valid visa document and a passport
  • A well constructed resume
  • The level of your educational attainment


Work Visa

There are lot of visas in the USA that allow foreigners to work in the country.
HB-1: In order to get a visa, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. But in some cases, this will not be enough. If you want to work in the healthcare sector, you need the equivalent and a license. For many other industries, like IT, marketing, sales, recruiting etc. To obtain a visa, your sponsor company must submit documents to the Department of Labor.
H-2A: This visa allows you to temporarily work in the agricultural industry in positions that are not available to US citizens, similar to the previous one, in order to receive permission, your employer must submit a form to the Department of Labor.
H-2B: This is a visa for qualified and unqualified workers who enter the country for seasonal work. It requires the employer to submit a form to the Department of Labor indicating that there are no employees in the United States to carry out such work.

How to Get a Job in USA From Nigeria

  1. Your best bet is to liaise or get in touch with a reliable relative or friend legally residing in the US to connect you with a potential employer who may need your skill or assist you in searching for a job.
  2. Let your relative be your guide on the type of area or States where you can
    easily migrate and secure a job
  3. Be sure your profession or skill is in hot demand, take into consideration hundreds of job applicants already on the ground in the US.
  4. Search for a reliable job website. It is possible to secure your dream job if you take the internet search seriously.

Note that to get an offer to start working in the United States is not that easy considering the barriers such as how advanced one is in the area of technological advancements, you need to investigate legal aspects and immigration steps. The only viable option for working in the country is to get permission to enter. The US government will give you a visa, provided that you will occupy the position indicated in your immigration forms. Many organizations in various locations have such programs for graduates, seasoned workers, and real experts. Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree will significantly increase your chances of success, but still it is advisable that all the necessary qualification is attained before thinking about travelling to the United States for a job.

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