Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to Create Messenger Room

Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to Create Messenger Room

The latest video conferencing feature called Messenger Rooms is created by Facebook. It allows up to 50 people to do video call at the same time. The amount of time you can talk about is limitless. Moreover, you don`t need a Facebook account to join a room.
Messenger Room makes spending quality time with friends and loved ones more easy and flexible. This article is all you need to learn about Messenger Room and how it works.

What are Messenger Rooms?

Messenger Rooms is a video chat room where you can connect to more people using link sharing. Participants can only join based on your settings.
What are Messenger Rooms?

The Following Privacy Apply When Using Messenger Rooms:

Once a call begins, Messenger Rooms can be locked or unlocked.
The creator of the room can remove unwanted participants
Any participant can leave the room if they are feeling uncomfortable.
If participants believe that the room violates the community standards, they can report the room`s name. But keep in mind that audio or video from the room will not be included in the report.
Someone that you have blocked on Facebook or Messenger can`t be able to join in a room you created. And you won`t be able to join in theirs if they are logged in to their Messenger or Facebook account.
The room is being broadcasted Live when the creator broadcast it using Facebook Live. It will be shared with both Facebook and people outside the Room. Which means that people outside the room may see what`s happening in the room.

Facebook Messenger Rooms Features

The Facebook Messenger room is one of the best features that has been released by Facebook, with amazing features, it is also a wise decision by releasing the feature during the lock-down. 
With this feature, you do not have to start hosting a meeting or meeting up with friends because of the corona-virus outbreak, all you just need to do is to invite your friends, families, co-workers, colleagues, and even business partners to join you in the video conference on Facebook Messenger Room, Facebook Messenger Rooms: Click

Have no time limits on calls.

You can invite non-Facebook users to join. You can do this by sending a link to them.
It has Filters for fun AR-based visual effects like bunny ears.

Supports up to 50 users in a call.

Messenger Rooms have AR abilities that allow you to modify your on-screen look
Rooms enable its users to share room availability with friends so they know when they are available.
It has a custom room lighting features that help customize a room’s lighting color or brighten up a dark feed.
Video conferencing systems include 360-degree backgrounds and a lot more!

How to use Facebook Messenger rooms

To be able to use Facebook Messenger rooms, you will need to have the updated Messenger. Also, ensure the feature is available in your country, then you`ll, Click here
Open your Messenger. 
Click on the People tab”. It is located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
Click on Create a Room and invite your Facebook friends, you can also invite friends outside Facebook, Just send them the link the app generates for you.
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