20 Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS In 2022

Normally, international students are required to take a series of exams before they are selected for scholarship programs. The IELTS is one of them. It stands for the International English Language Testing System. The test assesses one’s ability to listen, read, write and speak English. This is a major drawback for international students. Therefore, this article provides a list of fully funded scholarships without IELTS.

Student finances and tuition fees rise year after year. This brings about the common option of scholarships where you pay less. As there are no IELTS requirements, you save more to take care of other needs. These scholarships give students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate course of study. Additionally, master’s and Ph.D. courses are also provided. And the best part is that they are fully funded!

Funding Package of Scholarships Without IELTS

Aside the IELTS exemption, the scholarship grants, if paid fully, any or all of the following:

  • Totally free or discounted education
  • Accommodation in a shared student hostel or residence rental allowance
  • Monthly stipend (Personal expense money)
  • Academic literature expense coverage
  • Laboratory experimentation fees and facility access
  • Sickness coverage of student

List of Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS In 2022

The following is a list of 20 fully-funded international scholarships without IELTS requirement:


    #1. Nanjing University Scholarships, China


Nanjing University is one of the top ranking international universities in China for international students. If you want to study in China, you can apply for the Nanjing University Scholarship.



    #2. Toyohashi University Scholarships, Japan

Toyohashi University fully funded Scholarships


The Japanese government no longer requires students to know Japanese or IELTS to obtain scholarship. The Toyohashi University of Technology is willing to cover all expenses. Here, you can earn a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

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   #3. Azerbaijan Government Scholarships



The Azerbaijani government includes state and private. They offer scholarships to international students who want to study at any accredited higher education institution. It is a fully funded scholarship.



    #4. Qatar University Scholarships

Qatar University Fully Funded Scholarships


International or Qatar students can apply to study full time on a Master’s, Ph.D. or Non-degree program. Qatar scholarships will financially support them.



    #5. Schwarzman Scholarships, China


Schwarzman Scholars is a fully-funded scholarship program designed for students outside China to receive a master’s degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing. The university offers 200 scholarships yearly. This includes a fully funded financial coverage.



    #6. Gates Cambridge Scholarships, UK

Gates Cambridge Fully Funded Scholarships


The Gates Cambridge Scholarships allows you to experience one of the world’s most prestigious university systems. It is fully funded.



    #7. Hokkaido University Scholarship, Japan


This fully funded scholarship allows you to study at Hokkaido University.



    #8. NCTU Scholarships, Taiwan

NCTU Fully Funded Scholarships


NCTU is a top-ranked university in Taiwan. It is well-known for its engineering, business administration and liberal arts program.



    #9. SIIT University Scholarship, Thailand


The Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology has an excellent academic reputation. It offers scholarships without IELTS to the very best students.



    #10. British Chevening Scholarship, UK

British Chevening Fully Funded Scholarship, UK


Chevening is a scholarship for students who want to study full time at a UK University. The scholarships include travel, accommodation and living expenses.



    #11. University of Adelaide, Australia


The University of Adelaide is currently offering scholarships to aid international students study a Masters’ or a Ph.D. degree program. All expenditures are covered by the Australian government under Adelaide Scholarships exempting IELTS.

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    #12. Quest University, Canada

Quest University Fully Funded Scholarship


Quest University provides a variety of scholarships that covers up to full tuition. There Is no mandatory requirement of the IELTS.



    #13. University of Western Australia scholarships


The Australian government is running a scholarship program for students who want to study at the University of Western Australia.



    #14. York University International Student Program


York University is offering several scholarships to undergraduate students from abroad, who wish to study in Toronto.



    #15. Sabanci University Scholarship, Turkey


The Sabanci University is among the highest Turkish scholarships without IELTS. It is a well known university in Turkey. It also accepts exchange students, worldwide.



    #16. Spain Government Scholarships


The government of Spain lately announced Spanish scholarships depriving of IELTS. All students who come to study abroad in the country will be eligible for full Spanish scholarships.



    #17. Bilkent University Scholarship, Turkey


Bilkent University ranks second in Turkey. With it’s top quality education, your prospects for locating employment after graduation are excellent.



    #18. University of Griffith, Australia


The Australian Government’s Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. are open to non-Australian citizens. Students from around the world can apply for these Australian scholarships.



    #19. ICDF Taiwan Scholarships


The program is targeted at international students who are applying for a master’s, doctorate, or undergraduate course of study in Taiwan.



    #20. Humber College in Toronto, Canada


If you’re searching for scholarships in Canada, make certain to check Humber College’s website for potential funding. Humber College of Toronto offers a fully-funded scholarship without IELTS.

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There are more lists of fully funded scholarships that don’t require IELTS but let’s stop here for now. If you want access to this list, click here.


Many students strive to achieve greatness but they face many restrictions. Offering a scholarship helps them to pursue their dreams without worrying about restrictions in finance and requirements.


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