The Best Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria


The Best Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria: Traveling is always fun it`s also an important way of learning and excitement comes the responsibility to make your journey safe without worries, weather you are travelling for business, pleasure, vacation or school, travel policies, organized activities and budgets.

Here are the best travel insurance companies in Nigeria designed to cover for risks associated with traveling outside your country of residence, no matter your travel destination. Before I proceed let me list the reasons and benefits it covers.


1. Cancellation in fee trip: 

It is possible to recover any cancellation fee for your prepaid arrangement if you cannot make your flight due to circumstances, there are series of emergencies that involves cancellation.

This is the importance of getting a travel insurance because there will be adequate compensation if the loss is due to any cancellation in the course of your journey.


2. Loss of personal items:

Travel insurance policy covers lost possession which includes valuable items, missing passports, baggage delayed and gadgets. It`s common and most travelers fall victims to the theft during their trip/journey to their destination.


3. Emergency medical assistance: 

It is the duty of travel insurance companies to ensure emergency medical attention available to their clients while traveling to any country. If you become sick while traveling or you get sick before the flight and you cannot get on that flight, then the insurance company will be responsible for your treatment. They take care of your medical bills plus your fare.


4. Delayed flights:

If your flight is delayed or missed for any reason your travel insurance would automatically cover your flight challenges. No matter your purpose of traveling, the travel insurance agency will be responsible for paying the bill if your flight is ever delayed.


List of Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria

#1 – Lead way Travel Insurance

This company is one of the top travel insurance companies in Nigeria which provides cover on medical, financial and other losses while traveling outside any country of your choice.

Benefits include:

. Cancellation of trip

. Loss of personal items

. Emergency medical assistance including the bills

. Delayed flight or missed flight


#2 – Mutual Benefit Insurance

This company ’s policy has a plan which provides for medical expenses, repatriation cost and accidental death of a person while traveling. They are trusted travel insurance company operating in Nigeria Click here


#3 – Aiico Travel Insurance

They offer travel insurance policy in partnership with a South African company known as Chartis and cover for the following incidents which include:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  •  illness during your journey
  • Repatriation of corpse to home country

#4 – Cornerstone Insurance

This company’s policy covers the insured individual is traveling in a licensed standard type aircraft. It provides protection against injury resulting from the following incidents:

. Death

. Permanent disability

. Loss Of personal Items

. Medical expenses for treating accidental victims


#5 – AXA Mansard

This company is reliable it policy is designed to provide cover for risks associated with travelling. They provide covers for:

  • Flight delayed
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Medical from expenses 
  • Loss of gadgets

All the travel insurance policies listed here covers almost the same benefits to offer, each policies vary but they`re all important for travelers. Which of the above companies have you invested in and how was your experience? Please leave a  comment below.

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