Sanguine Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

Personality & mindĀ of the Sanguine temperament Sanguine Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses – Faculty of Judgment well-developed. A synthetic intellect that likes to see the whole picture. An optimistic, positive mental outlook. Rather conventional and conformist; good social skills. Exuberant, enthusiastic, outgoing. Optimistic, confident, poised, graceful. Expansive, generous. Romantically inclined; loves […]

Phlegmatic Temperament – Human Temperament Test

Understanding the 4 (Four) Temperament test, studying human personality goes all the way back to the famous Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC), known as the “father of medicine”. Knowing that your character is a mix of the four basic personality types which are the human temperaments will help you improve […]