How to use the Zoom Business App- Plans and Pricing Zoom Meetings

Zoom Business; Stay connected wherever you go with Zoom, a video communication platform of choice for everyone. Join or start a 100-person meeting with crystal-clear, high-quality screen sharing, instant messaging, face-to-face video conference. This article is all you want to know about Zoom including its plans and pricing.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video communication platform, which allows you to set up audio live chats, virtual video, webinars, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities. Zoom can be accessed via Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. To attend a Zoom meeting, You don`t need an account to do so. Read on to see how you can access the Zoom app and join/start a meeting.


How to Download Zoom and get Started

Zoom can be used in your mobile device or computer and can be downloaded in your mobile device through the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are using a computer, go to the Zoom`s website and download it, its process might be different, depending on your type of computer.
Once you have download and install the Zoom app, you`re ready to get started. As I said, you don`t need an account to join Zoom meetings, however, you must sign up for an account if you want to host, schedule, and manage your own calls.

To join a zoom meeting without an account, you do it via:

  • The link provided by the host, just click on the link and you will join the meeting
  • Click on join on Zoom`s homepage, and fill in the meeting ID manually.

Zoom Business

Zoom business is designed to make collaboration easy to medium-sized companies and allows at least 10 hosts. Since the COVID-19 pandemic became a global issue that led many nations to order all companies and organizations to close down, the establishment resorted to remote working. Zoom business is like a digital tool that helps businesses maintain their usual operations, and keep in touch while working from home.

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Zoom Business Plans and Pricing (Small & Med Businesses)

Price: $19.99 (starting at 10 host for $
Includes 100 participants
Meeting Duration limit is 24 hrs
User Management
Admin feature controls
Custom Personal Meeting ID
Assign scheduler
1GB of MPP4 or M4A cloud recording
Includes 300 participants
Dedicated phone support
Admin dashboard
Vanity URL
Option for on-premise
Managed domains
Single sign-on
Company branding
Custom emails
LTI integration
Cloud Recording Transcript
+ Optional Add-on Plans


How to Join a Meeting

If you want to join a zoom meeting, there are four ways to do this. You can do this through:


  • The Zoom app
  • The app website
  • Telephone dial-in
  • A link, via an email invitation


 The Zoom App

For you to  use the  zoom app,  you need to  first  of all download and install the  app, then  you open the app and;

Click on “Sign in”

Click Sign in with SSO. It is at the right side menu

Input your username and password

Tap on “Join”


Enter the meeting ID, it is displayed in the email invitation click here

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