Google introduces on-device diagnostics tool and repair manuals for Pixel phones


Google is set to launch a diagnostic tool aimed at assisting Pixel phone users in identifying and resolving issues. By dialing ##7287##, users can access the app, allowing them to assess their phone’s functionality pre- and post-repair.

What you should know about Google

Google, founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is a global tech giant focused on organizing information for universal accessibility. Beyond its iconic search engine, Google offers a diverse range of products, including Android, Google Maps, Gmail, and Pixel smartphones.

The company is a major player in cloud computing with Google Cloud and is committed to sustainability. Known for its philanthropy through, Google remains at the forefront of shaping the digital landscape with innovation and user-centric design.

What are Diagnostics Tools

Diagnostics tools are software or instruments designed to identify, analyze, and solve issues within a system, device, or application. These tools play a crucial role in troubleshooting problems, optimizing performance, and ensuring the proper functioning of various technologies.

Examples of diagnostics tools include antivirus software that scans for and removes malicious software, system monitoring tools that track hardware performance, and network diagnostic tools that analyze connectivity issues.

Additionally, device-specific diagnostic apps, like those provided by smartphone manufacturers, help users identify and address issues with their devices, such as hardware malfunctions or software glitches. Overall, diagnostics tools are instrumental in maintaining the health and functionality of technological systems.

Diagnostic Tool Features

Within the app, users will find a range of diagnostic tools. These include options for comprehensive device assessments and individual tests targeting physical defects, display issues, sensors, and connectivity problems. This tool is accessible on all Pixel phones in English.

Redesigned Repair Manuals

In addition to the diagnostic app, Google is introducing redesigned repair manuals tailored for enhanced usability by both technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

Currently available in English and French, these manuals can be downloaded from Google’s website, with initial compatibility limited to the Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro. Google has plans to expand the availability of repair manuals for previous and upcoming devices in the coming months.

Diagnostics Tools: New Repair Mode for Enhanced Privacy

Google has introduced a new Repair Mode, allowing Pixel Phone owners to toggle on privacy protections during device repairs. This feature safeguards users’ private information while their phone is being handled by technicians, drawing parallels with Samsung’s Repair Mode introduced in 2021.

Industry Shift Towards DIY Repairs

This move by Google aligns with an industry-wide trend, with tech giants such as Samsung and Apple increasingly embracing the concept of DIY repairs. Both Google and Samsung now provide repair parts through iFixit, while Apple has been steadily expanding its self-repair services since its launch last year. Notably, Apple has recently rolled out an online diagnostics tool for user accessibility.

In summary, Google’s multifaceted approach to enhancing Pixel phone maintenance includes a user-friendly diagnostic tool, redesigned repair manuals, and advanced privacy features, reflecting a broader industry shift towards empowering users and independent repair shops in handling their own devices.

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