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Stella Onye Okwandu
Stella Onye Okwandu
Norland Ambassador
nTells I.T Training
nTells I.T Training
nTells I.T Training
Mmaduabuchi C. Okpuru
Mmaduabuchi C. Okpuru
Mmaduabuchi C. Okpuru

What We Offer


I.T Trainings & Events

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nTells offers I.T Training services and periodic seminars/events to everyone both online and offline. We offer both basic and advance I.T courses, our mission is to be one of the best Industry-leading Tech and Business Skills Institute around the globe.

Write, Share & Earn (nEarn)

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On nTells, we aim to make authors, writers and speakers popular, create more audience with their contents (stories, videos, articles or any relevant information) on lifestyle, ICT, news etc. And so we developed the nEarn program that enables registered members to earn points when they write, share or complete activities through our Actiminder app.

Ask&Share Quiz

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Our Ask&Share Quiz service is and interactive anonymous messaging app with a dare game. It allows you to create a profile and share your customized link to all your friends. The link allows them to answer quiz questions of what they think about you.

This service is made for fun and entertainment purpose. One can send and recieve anonymous compliments easily for free!

Personal Online Office (+ Web Development)

We design, develop and manage any kind of professional websites you want.
At nTells, we create a platform of investment for individuals or organisations. Register Now

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Kayode Joseph Onagoruwa

Great Thinker

Thank you for making my business boom! Great nTells!

Christiana Trace

Motivational Speaker

I always love the works you do, keep on motivating and helping others. I have received the best designs from you and you've made my customers smile.

Sylvia Nel

Writer and Artist

Thank you for making my customers and me smile, ntells.com is now my best platform, I love information.

Peter Chukwunonso


I will always recommend Orgboom Tech. to people, Orgboom has the best designers, developers and can do great jobs.

Francis Okaformbah

Author & CEO Siscomedia

Thanks for working with Siscomedia and your services are great. You're really a professional.

Chris Oleka


nTells has supported me, helped me reach out to people around the world. This is the best platform I've seen.

Dr Afoma Nwolisa

President of Healthy Race Ministry International, Lagos State

Francis Izuoba developed my website for my business. The site is great, I have learnt alot from him, so proud of his works and designs. Explosive 2020!

Godwin Nwaokike

Transformational Speaker

nTells designed the Conscious Evolution website and I really love everything about the platform. Great designs and features

Charles Ifeanyi

CEO HSVidmix

Always ready to innovate, always Orgboom Tech. Thanks for all projects done

Lauretta Ginika

Founder Delight College

My kids learn every day from this platform.

Henry Mr. Gucci

CEO Clever Software Solution Ltd

You have always assisted me with great designs and have made my customers smile. thank you

Tinacy Egwuchukwu

Longrich Distributor

nTells POO is the best and has made my business reach its potential. I've been using nTells POO in my business 2 yrs

Uzoma Excel


Your designs are amazing, tested and trusted and even very affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many services does nTells has?

    For now, nTells has only four services, they are: the Personal Online Office, I.T Training & Seminars, nEarn, and finally the Ask$Share Quiz service. nTells is among the best lifestyle, educational, advertising, web and graphic designs platform, nTells is powered by mcfaidesigns.

    At nTells, we work hard to provide relevant information, to make every organisation and individual unique with their products and services. And we believe that information is the new currency.

  • Simply visit our services page to see descriptions and links to any service of your choice.

  • nTells has a free plan, and also a paid membership plan ($5 for 12 months). There are other plans for other services like the Personal Online Office etc.

  • Yes, in the nTells free plan you only earn 2 point on approved article and will always remain in Stage 1, but on the paid membership, the system automatically upgrade you from Stage 1 to Stage 2 (after 7 approved articles), then Stage 3 (after 14 approved articles). You'll earn more points on higher stages. Your points can be converted to cash when you write, share and complete tasks especially by using the Actiminder app.