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Your Existence is Not Trivial

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Your Existence is Not Trivial

We are expected to act in certain ways so as to be socially acceptable. You do not want everyone to avoid you. So, to an extent, one may end up being predictable. Because we can be predictable, we tend to lose sight of our mysteriousness. You do not understand everything about yourself. You may be able to predict another man’s behavior but if you cannot even explain why you do some things you do, you can accept that you do not know all about the other person.

We are a mystery even to ourselves.

Over time, man is able to learn more and know more about his biology. There has been an increase in our knowledge of how our body functions. This knowledge has been helpful especially in the area of health. We know more about the body but it is wrong to equate man to the body. Two things came together to form what we know as man.

Your Existence is Not Trivial

Get a piece of copper and a piece of zinc and weld both together, they form one piece of metal. If you look at this newly formed piece of metal, you would still see a piece of copper and a piece of zinc. No new substance is formed. But if you melt the copper and zinc and mix them together, what you have is a new substance called brass. Brass is not zinc neither is it copper even though it is composed of both. In a somewhat similar manner, a human being is the union of a body and a soul. This union is such that you cannot say that the human being is the body or that the human being is the soul. The union of the body and the soul produces a new substance we call a human being.

If this is true then the mistake a number of people make about their being becomes apparent. Consciously or unconsciously they equate their being to the body while completely leaving out the soul. Neglecting the soul has consequences you may not have imagined.

You have a soul. Start by acknowledging that.

Your Existence is Not Trivial

So, you have a body whose domain is the world of matter and you have a soul whose domain is the world of spirit. What this means is that in your being, the world of matter and the world of spirit meet. Man is a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of matter. Something in the spirit world can be manifested in the world of matter through man. Take away the soul, this becomes impossible.

Nothing cannot create something. Everything produced by anything can be traced back to an Uncreated Original Creator. We call this Creator God. Our body and soul are created by God and he fashioned them into a human being.

Looking at all that exists today and going back in time to see that evolution is on course, it is apparent that God has a plan for his creation. Man is God’s creation hence God has a plan for man. We simply are not capable of deciphering the ultimate end of God’ plan. We may have only an idea if he chooses to reveal it. Whatever that end is we can say that it is good when we see the interdependence of God’s creatures in this world.

Your Existence is Not Trivial

The Original Creator knows what he is doing and I do not think he creates something just for the fun of it. Every single one of his creatures has a purpose. A human being therefore has a purpose.

A human being is unlike any of God’s other creations. In the midst of God’s creation, a human being is unique. I do not know of any other creature serving as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of matter. If God is the creator, then the nature of your being gives you the ability to cooperate with God as a co-creator. You have one leg in the world of spirit and the other leg in the world of matter. God fashioned you this way so that some of his plans that exists in a potential state can come to exist in an actual state through you.

You are God’s instrument.

Stop telling yourself the negative story that your existence is of no significance. That is a lie. If someone told you that you were good for nothing, the person was wrong.

You are not just wonderfully made.

You matter. Click

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