You Are Not Your Ego

I show you that:

  1. The problem is not that you do not think; the problem is that you are unable to stop thinking. You are addicted to thinking but you do not know that. Through compulsive thinking you look at people and situations through the eyes of the past. So you label and judge you misinterpret. The consequence is unhappiness.
  2. Your mind has created a false self ego and you have attached yourself to this false self. In other words, you have identified with a phantom self. You are not awake and so your ego rules. But the ego can never be beautiful enough, never have enough, never be enough. Hence, the ego can never be satisfied. This explains why after getting the things you thought will make you happy, you end up being unhappy after which you proceed to pursue bigger things which still do not make you happy after you get them. This goes on and on.
  3. Your ego has created a story which you believe, a story based on your past and this story causes you pain. Your life has much drama.
  4. It is not when something happens that you will be happy, it is when you are happy that something will happen.
  5. You cannot be free of pain in the past; you cannot be free of pain in the future. You can only be free of pain in the present moment. But your mind does not allow you to live in the present moment. Your mind is almost always taking you to the past and the future. You are worried, you are anxious. You are in pain. Your mind resists this pain which adds another layer of pain instead of removing the pain. You suffer.
  6. A seed has inside itself instructions that will make it grow and yield fruits. Inside you are instructions that will make you thrive. You hardly connect with what will make you access those instructions intuition.
  7. You have not given yourself a satisfactory answer to the questions, who am I? and what is my purpose? because you have focused on doing and neglected being.
  8. The question is not, why don’t I have peace? The question is, what is preventing me from accessing the peace I already have? Love, joy, and peace are not outside there; they are aspects of your Being. The good news is that you have them inside you already. Your ego is preventing you from experiencing them.

I show you all these and many more in my new E-book titled You Are Not Your Ego. Through this book I lead you to yourself, not to your false self but to your true self, the deeper you. I lead you to you.

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There is much to say about this book but I do not want you to just believe what I say, I want you to experience another dimension of yourself. A belief can be comforting, an experience can be liberating.

This is not motivation. This is transformation. Your pain is enough.

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