WhatsApp Dark Mode- How to Activate it on Android and iPhone

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WhatsApp dark mode is finally here! WhatsApp has finally launched its dark mode feature. And guess what? The dark mode is both for iPhone and Android users. For a really while now, this has been the foremost requested feature for the Facebook-owned service. It’s so unclear why it took goodbye to arrive, mainly as Google and Apple released new mobile OS versions last year. And it, of course, came with a full dark theme.

WhatsApp dark mode

This glorious dark mode is meant to scale back the speed at which you strain your eyes during a low light environment. That is, you’ll now message family and friends easily without having your retina burned. And it also prevents those moments when your phone lights up within the room.

So many rumors were heard in September 2018 that the WhatsApp dark mode was out. Since then, Apple, Google and other third party et al. adopted a gloomier look of the dark mode.

This feature is especially focused on readability. The dark mode was chosen to scale back eye stress. Also, the color and other design elements are wont to confirm that the foremost relevant information stands out.

Note that, if you’re using an iPhone, you’ll only get the dark mode if you run iOS 13 and if you’re using an Android phone, you’ll set the dark mode theme if you’re running Android 10. Although Android 9 pie and former versions of the OS can also enable the dark mode feature only for WhatsApp from its setting.

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How do I enable dark mode on my device?


Since when the dark mode feature for WhatsApp came out, numerous people find it hard to use it, both Android and iPhone users. And also they need been asking questions on the way to enable the dark mode feature on their device. Well, you would like not stress further because, on this platform, we’ll be showing you ways you’ll easily enable the dark mode feature on your device, be it Android or iPhone. Check below to ascertain how you’ll enable the feature.


How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone


What you ought to do is:
Open your WhatsApp

  1. Then attend setting>General>Accessibility>Display Accommodations>Invert Colors>Smart Inverts.
  2. After you want to have done that, the dark theme will now be enabled across all the apps within the device.
    3.To fully enjoy the dark mode, change the wallpaper within the chat thread. To try to this, attend WhatsApp Settings>Wallpaper>None.



How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android
All you’ve got to try to be :



  1. Open WhatsApp. Then attend Settings>Display>Select theme>Dark.
  2. As soon because the dark mode must are turned on, then attend Settings>About phone.
  3. Now scroll right down to “Build Number” and click on thereon seven times.
  4. A message will crop up saying “Developers option is turned on”. Then click on “Override force-dark” to use the dark theme to other apps.
  5. After you want to have done that, the dark theme will now be enabled on WhatsApp. To enjoy the dark mode to its fullest, change the wallpaper within the chat        threads. To try to this, attend WhatsApp Settings>Wallpaper>None.
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Note that the above step is merely for smartphone users who have the newest Android Q beta version. But if your smartphone runs Android 9 and below, you would like to feel bad because I will be able to be showing you ways you’ll enable the WhatsApp dark mode on your device, isn’t that overwhelming?. Well to enable the WhatsApp dark mode on Android 9 and below, all you’ve got to try to be:


Update your WhatsApp to the newest versions.


  1. After you want to are done updating, Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Now, attend settings then click on chats.
  3. You will see theme options, click thereon.
  4. After you want to have clicked thereon, attend the menu and choose dark, then click ok.
    Now you’ve got automatically set the dark theme on your smartphone running Android 9 and below.

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