What is my Purpose

What is my Purpose

You are out of school and like most graduates, you start looking for a job. After several months, you find a job. You are happy to have a job and you resume at your place of work. In less than six months, you begin asking yourself if you would like to continue on this job. this how I am going to spend my life working on this job? Few months ago when you got the job, you were happy. Now, the same job makes you unhappy.

You start looking for another job, another job that will fulfill you, that will help you achieve your life purpose. So, you decide to be clear, What kind of job do I want? You want a job under Human Resources. You want to work in an air-conditioned office with good furnishing and after years or decades of work, retire with pension. You get the job, This is the job that fulfills me.

Months later some level of dissatisfaction sets in. You know that a lot of people will be happy to have the job you currently have but you are no longer happy on the job. Fridays are always anticipated and by Sunday evening, a dark cloud about getting back to work the next day hovers above you. 

What is my Purpose

You decide that you would no longer want to answer Yes sir to somebody else as an employee, you resolve to start your own business and be your own boss, you start your business and after some time, you resign from your place of work to focus on your business. My purpose is to establish my own business serving people, so you think. Behind that thought is the desire to make money, so much money, Click.

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You are unconscious of the belief in your head, I will be happy when I am rich. Money will fulfill me. After years of stress, hard work, and negativity, you make much money and consider yourself rich. Time passes and you start asking, Is this all there is to life? You are not as happy, not as fulfilled as you thought you would be when you become rich. Some void inside you tells you that you are not living your purpose. What is my purpose? you ask. The problem is this: You have been seeking your purpose only in doing.

What is my Purpose

We refer to a person as a human being. Those two words speak truth. The human represents the form the name, clothes, house, car, job, thoughts of the person. The being is the formless without which there would be no form, no human. In trying to find your reason, you have completely abandoned being and focused on human. As long as you continue searching in that state, you will hardly find or fulfill your purpose. You are not a human doing.

Let me put it in another way. You are to be and to do. But before you do, you will have to be. Most people however are so focused on doing that they neglect being. They do, and do, and keep doing, searching for their purpose in doing. Your reason, your primary purpose precisely, concerns being and not doing. What is my purpose?  you ask.

There are two levels to your purpose inner and outer. You therefore have an inner and outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns being and has to do with your Being. Inner purpose is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and it is secondary.

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