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Ways to Live a Great and Successful Life


Until you understand where you`re going and your environment, you cannot have a successful life and you cannot recognize your obstacles. Having a  successful life is the ability to provide solutions to situations around you. We create history for ourselves every day of our life and it becomes easy when we know the problems and sees opportunities for solving them.



The world is waiting for those who can use their thinking to create things and solve problems that seem impossible for most people. Professional creativity entails standing out from the crowd because it makes the world to recognize you as an achiever.



Decisions are made and can be influenced by someone for you to make. Before anybody can influence you to become anything in life, it must first be your decision. Whatever you do is the product of your choice. If you succeed and be successful in life, people will naturally want to associate with you, let your first priority be how to influence your life. In school what kind of company do you keep, friends you have in offices, church or any organizations you belong to. What kind of people do you associate with? Ask yourself these questions. Make the right choices.



Self-sustain is when you learn to rely on yourself early. Your activities must be intensified. If you have to learn more skills and ideas about the things that will make you successful, please consider it now. Don`t wait for tomorrow, don`t be lazy, be hardworking, you are an entrepreneur, encourage yourself. Never give up! Hardworking is the curve for poverty. Get a book or jotter, ask yourself questions in it and give the answers. Ask yourself, when do I wake up every day? How often do I pray to be successful and for others? What will I do today? How have I created solutions to problems around me? What will I learn today? And lots more.

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What do I do with my time, Do you know that time is currently given to everybody equally? Both poor and rich are given the same time. Time is a commodity that you must respect just the way you respect money. If you waste your time, you waste your life and money. How you use your time will surely affect everything in your life. If you have to set two alarms just to make sure you wake up in time, please do. If you have completed your work as planned before the end of the day, then don`t sleep at night. Use your time, use it well. Time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone special. Time is the ultimate, Time is life.


Successful Life – SERVE GOD WELL

The plan of God for everyone is that we should be creative. God empowered us with the ability to create things that is why many people are performing wonders in the areas of discovery. Imagine a world without mobile phones, cars, airplanes, electricity, computers and lots more. God is expecting us to be problem solvers. Jesus came to this world to solve problems. Everybody God used in the Holy Bible solved problems Success is not about having all the money to enjoy life, but when you are able to fulfill your destiny and purpose on earth before you leave. Let us serve God well so he can empower us more to create things to make our world a better place, arise and make things happen today. God is Love.


Successful Life

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