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Watch Your Motivations

Watch Your Motivations

What comes to mind when you hear the statement, people killing people? The malaise of cynicism and despair?

With the rise of the death toll due to the pandemic, terrorism, sudden attacks of mother nature, and corruption, one would dare to rid himself off the impact of these obvious killings, sit in a chimera and escape the world.

I want what my friend`s car, I like her shoes, I just need to have all that she has, the attention she gets, fame, money, and success, I start to envy her out of my corrupt mind; I should steal and get what she has.

I am a musician, I am an icon to the youths, and I live my life the way I want it, in other to rule their minds and drive them farther from their true self, I expose them to a life of terror.

Watch Your Motivations

I live in this world disregarding the words of my creator to take care of His creations so I destroy everything I come across, I litter my surroundings always and I have no love for nature.

What causes fighting among us? They come from an evil longing. You desire and you cannot have so you kill; you want things you`re not able to acquire so you try all means to get them. You do not get things you wish to because you do not ask, and even when you do ask, you ask with the wrong motive.

It is not just the obvious killings we see day by day, but there are hidden killings too that spring from our emotions and propounds from the heart, and our little intake of garbage to the mind helps it grow and when it gets to its apogee, it causes total annihilation. Weapons don`t kill people; people kill people including themselves.

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You would be a hero to your generation when you sail into mending the root cause of your disorder.

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