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Two Simple But Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life

Two Simple But Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life

Two Simple But Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life, Are you unhappy? Are you miserable? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about how messed up your life is? There are two questions I strongly recommend you ask yourself when you are alone. The first is: “Is there anything I am doing that is contributing to making my life miserable?” That is a question that many people in situations they do not desire have not bothered to ask themselves. It is a question that helps you take responsibility but many people seem to be running away from responsibility.

Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.” Many people who read that see it as an encouragement to ask whatever material things they wish to get from God. Maybe, just maybe, that is not it or even if it is, it is not the only application.

I have never known God to be a Being who grants my every wish. When you ask, “Is there anything I am doing that is contributing to making my life miserable?”, obviously you are asking. If you ask with intent, genuinely wanting an answer, you will receive an answer sooner than you expect. And when the answer comes, you may wonder why you did not see all along how you have been making your own life miserable. You have been blaming people, things, situations, economy, politicians, government (and yes, these can make life worse) but you have failed to recognize that you have the primary responsibility.

Your situation can change if you change.

After receiving the answer to the question, you may want to ask the second question, “Is there anything I can change in what I`m doing that is going to make my life less miserable?” If you truly seek, you will find. There is something that you can put right today that will make things slightly better than they are. 

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What is prayer? It is you raising your mind and will to God. I believe that when you ask these two questions, you are praying. Ask the proper questions and you will get the proper answers. I will call those answers revelations.

You asked the first question wanting to find out what you are doing wrong. When the answer comes, you realize you didn`t want to know because finding out what you are doing wrong is not a pleasant experience. To correct what you are doing wrong, you have to sacrifice part of yourself, usually a stupid, bitter, corrupt, nasty, arrogant part of yourself – that you like.

If you realize there is something you are doing that is contributing to making your life miserable, stop doing that. No matter how little you may consider that to be, your life actually starts getting better when you stop doing that. Don`t despise that little change. You start improving yourself and your life by making a little change. 

Your situation can change if you change.

It is a humble thing to ask how you can improve incrementally without interfering with anyone else. It is your problem, not theirs. Self-improvement is incremental and room for those incremental improvements exists within everyone`s grasp. However, the consequences of maintained incremental improvement are not incremental. You get compound interest in incremental improvement.

When you start to wander off the path, the probability that you will wander further off the path increases non-linearly. It is a terrible thing to know that as you wander off the edge, the probability that you will fall off the cliff increases.

No matter how bad your situation is, you can make it worse. But if you decide to improve and you do improve, the probability that each improvement will produce a further improvement increases. So, you can keep reproducing your moral failings and dwelling in hell or you can make a small improvement and increase the probability of the next improvement.

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Each time you make a small improvement, you get a little stronger in character, you get a little more confident in your ability, you get a little bit less self-disgusted, you get a little bit more hopeful about the future, and you get more confident that you can make another change. Imagine what would happen if you kept improving incrementally for five years. You may not be able to imagine how much better things will be for you.

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