True Secrets of Happiness and our Thoughts

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True Secrets-It has been shown that all things that man is looking for, the most important is happiness and joy. Whatever you think will always make you smile when you relate to happiness.


The true secrets of being happy

People have come to believe that happiness comes as a result of the material things they get. Are you falling for this trick? The truth is that nothing outside of you can really make you happy. It`s an illusion. It is so strong that most of us believe it.
Don`t take my words for this, think about your own experience and if you are not happy or if you are depressed then ask yourself why? You are depressed and unhappy because you need to have something.
Do you believe money will make you happy? Or a bigger house or a great car? Will love to make you happy? All these for sure help and without friends or love in your life, it is hard and impossible to be happy. What is the secret of being happy?
It is easy and you can be happy right now if you want. How is that possible you ask? Let me explain; allow yourself to smile. You heard me and that is simple.
Permit yourself to be happy right now. Focus on today forget the past and forget the future worrying about your life. List all the things you are happy about in your present life. Even if it`s only five things its sure to put a smile on your face.


true secrets


Happiness and Smiling

A smile is a very powerful thing and a laugh is even a very stronger medicine for any sadness or depression. Instead of giving in to negative thoughts and allowing yourself to become even unhappy, make a real effort to do positive things, and think more positively.
I recommend going online and watching something funny, perhaps a comedy series. You love and just forget anything that concerns you and have a smile to cheer you up.


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Your thoughts and happiness (True Secrets)

You always have the choice to laugh or cry, to smile or frown. You or your depression. If you allow negative thoughts to take you over, they can quickly destroy the motivation and positive energy you have and it is to get it back is hard. Smile and laugh as often as you can.
Make it your goal to smile and laugh each day.
Make it a goal to do at least one positive thing each day. Smiling makes people around you smile too. And it attracts happy people and a happy situation for you. But a negative people face and mind attracts more negative people who will bring you down even more.
I often listen to a song by one of my favorite groups from the 1980s, the song is titled “Happiness is easy” and I fully agree. It seems to be a difficult thing to find but happiness can be yours in a moment. So always put on a smile wherever you find yourself even in any condition. Smile smile smile

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