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Top 7 Upcoming 2022 Movies You Must Watch

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These are the list of the top 7 movies coming soon this year, these 2022 movies are the best I’ve seen so far, I trust you’ll love it too. Enjoy!


List of 2022 Movies for you


Release date: TBA April, 2022

The writer-director by name Robert Eggers  explained the Total film of the North man, as a young Viking prince was on his quest to revenge his father’s death.

Many talented actors and actresses were involved in this movie both in front of the camera and behind. The script was written by a novelist Sjon and Icelandic poet. This movie is said to be a portrayal of revenge. Nevertheless, Eggers’ team all look forward in seeing this result looks more interesting despite the cancelling and postponement until August.



Release date: March 25, 2022

Loretta Sage author writes about the exotic places in her  adventure that features handsome man named Alan. Loretta gets adopted by a billionaire, when on the tour of promoting her new book with Alan ,who hopes she will be able to lead him to an ancient city. Alan sets off to rescue Loretta from the hands of the billionaire.



Release date: April 1, 2022

 Jared Leto transforms into the puzzling and scoundrel Michael Morbius , in this case , he was  suffering from a dangerous illness which was a rare blood disorder and he was determined to save others who were also suffering from this same ailment.  Dr. Morbius (as being called since he was a doctor)exerted a desperate gamble. While at first , it looked at though it was going to be a fanatic success, suddenly the darkness in him revealed. Will the good deeds of Dr. Morbius overcome the evil or will he surrender to his new perplexing urge. Watch out.



Release date: May 6, 2022

Dr. Strange, is a professional surgeon. he gets into an accident and losses his two hands and they was no way of fixing it. Later, he hears of an ancient one and seeks for the source. He begs to be taught by the Ancient one after seeing her genuine powers. He becomes an expert after being trained for some time. But a villain stole some pages from the Ancient One spell books and use them to bring a dark dimension to Earth. Will Strange stop this evil from happening.


THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (My Best of all 2022 Movies)

Release date: July 8, 2022

This is just following up with the events of the Avengers: Endgame, the astrophysicist ex-girlfriend of Thor, Jane Foster gains Thor’s power and becomes the Mighty Thor while still battling with cancer. Whereas, Asgard’s bisexual ruler Valkyrie is searching for her queen. Meanwhile, Thor is spending time with the Guardians of the Galaxy.



Release date: October 14, 2022

Jamie Lee Curtis tells the Total Film of returning as Laurie Strode in the ending part saying that he thinks it will be the last time he will play her. The crews all said that the last one is going to be more interesting. So ,just get ready for this great movie coming soon.


Conclusion on the 2022 movies for you

The movie industry has provided lots of upcoming 2022 movies for us and we were expecting these movies to come later and here we are. The 2022 movies are one of the best you don’t want to miss.

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