Time Travelling of the Mind

Time Travelling of the Mind

Your mind is constantly seeking to escape the present moment. It considers the present moment uncomfortable and boring. When you are identified with your ego, there is this compulsive need you have to live in the past or future. When you live in your memories, you are living in the past; when you live in anticipation you are living in the future. All this is to escape living in the Now. So your ego preoccupies itself with time travelling. It keeps the past alive because your sense of identity is invested in the past. Without the past, who are you? Your past gives you an identity. It also travels to the future to find fulfillment or salvation which it is unable to find in the present moment.

Consider what you call past and future. What you call past is actually a memory trace, and what you call future is only an imagination. The past and the future therefore do not exist. All you ever have is Now. When you experienced your past, you experienced it as Now, and when your future comes, it will come as Now. As you read these words, you are experiencing Now. All you ever have is Now. This is a fact. The time travelling of your mind however prevents you from living. You can only live in the Now. Your mind cannot truly live in the past, you do not have it. Neither can it live in the future, you also do not have it. The present moment in which you can truly live is what your mind constantly seeks to escape. The consequence of this is you existing without living.

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You can live in the present moment, you can cope with it. But you cannot cope with a projection of your mind. You are in this moment but your mind is in the future. What you have is an anxiety gap; what you have is an illusion. Little wonder you hardly experience joy. Imagine that instead of playing and enjoying your favorite song, you are always pressing the rewind or fast forward button. You end up not listening to the song which makes it impossible for you to enjoy it.

Time Travelling of the Mind

Consider what it is that you are afraid of, that which scares you. Maybe it is your inability to pay your rent when it is due, maybe it is your album or book not being widely sold, Maybe it is the man or woman you would like to have a relationship with saying, No. All this is a creation of your mind, they are not happening now. It is like your mind saying, Hey, why don’t you start worrying right now about events that have not yet happened? Why don’t you prepare for them ahead by worrying now? How absurd is that?

In this moment you are fine. Consider what is wrong in this present moment in which you are. I am not asking you to consider the moment ten minutes ago or five minutes from now. Just consider Now, the present moment. Ask yourself, What problem do I have in this moment? This is a question that forces your mind to stop its time travelling so that you can be present. Don’t just keep reading. Do this now before you continue reading: take a minute and ask yourself, What problem do I have in this moment? If you are fully present in the Now, you will realize that you have no problem Now.

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Let go of your ego and step out of the time machine. Live in the Now. It is all you ever have. Embrace uncertainty. Embracing uncertainty is more enjoyable than time travelling because it allows you the freedom to explore, make mistakes, learn, connect. When you let go of time, your Being in a sense comes alive. Then you will be and not be identified with the past or a future projection.

Do not let your life’s journey continue to be an obsessive craving to arrive somewhere, get something, or get someone. Stop trying to use the present moment only to get to the future. Before you know it, you have spent all your life waiting to start living. There is hardly any joy in that. Live fully in the Now. Why would you not do this when all you ever have is Now? Click

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