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Thoughts and Objective Control

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Thoughts and Objective Control

Thoughts and Objective Control, Apart from the heart, our mind is the second most noisy part of our body as thousands of thoughts spiral through it daily.
It`s true that our mind can`t be physically seen neither is it outlined as part of our body in the human system.
Just as we can`t see our soul we can`t also see our mind, we just reason with it. It helps us to be aware of things as they appear before us.
It helps us to think, to feel, for instance: 
To know if someone is telling the truth or not. 
To Know if things are as they appear to be.
The level of your intellect depends on how mature you think.
The intensity of the mind can`t be measured just by mere words as it is very powerful.
The mind isn`t a being as it is not a creature neither is it a thing as it is not intangible.
It is not something that can be seen or touched but it is something that can be reckoned upon as it is always needed in our daily lives.


Research has shown that about 60,000 thought runs through the mind of a human being, Click here


Research has shown that about 60,000 thought runs through the mind of a normal person daily.
And it is impossible to control all those thoughts as we choose the one that affects us the most.

Minds Positivity And Negativity

The way you feel depends on what you feed to your mind. 
You cannot be thinking positively and be feeling negatively at the same time.
The mind gives you result according to what you feed to it.
Thoughts defines feelings. You cannot be thinking like a pessimist and expect yourself to feel like an optimist.

Minds Wariness

Be careful of what you think. A man is what he thinks, not what he sees or hears.
Your thoughts defines you.
You become what you think of most of the time.
Take good care it your mind. Handle it with care as it is imperative.
You need to use the outcome based thinking {O.B.T} which states that you should see the precise outcome of a process before beginning the process.
Before placing a thought on your mind, use your brain to visualize the possible outcome of it. The mind only works according to what information is given to it just like a computer.


Learn to be positive in all aspects of life as positivity brings positivity.

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