Theory of the Human Mind

Theory of the Human Mind

Theory of the Human Mind, The mind of a human comprises of many things. All the experiences you`ve had are been processed and categorized in your mind to know the one that boosts your morale and the one that undermines your image.

Many people have said something to you and most of these things affect us negatively for example; I know of a friend of mine who was almost traumatized just because of a girl. Just because his girlfriend told him that he`s not good enough for him. He almost lost his sanity, he only kept his cool due to the advice I gave to him, that was when he realized that he needs to move on.


Keep Your Emotions Faded

Never advertise your feelings so that it won`t be taken for granted. Don`t try to create a space for yourself in someone`s life, if they really know your worth they will create one for you. It`s better to be alone than to spend your precious time with someone who doesn`t know your value.


Know your companions

You need to be wary of the kind of people you keep as friends. You need to know the kind of friends you keep. Don`t mingle with people that add no value to you rather they put you in trouble. It`s good to make friends but be wary of the kind of people you choose as friends, your Friends can either make you or mar you. Some people do judge others from the kind of people they keep as friends.

Friends are for life but not all kinds of friends. Most of the cases where people are not getting what they expected are been caused by friends. Do not expose the secret of your success to just any kind of friends you think you have. Some of them are not happy that you are excelling in your career aspect of life when they are still dormant in what they are doing, be wise enough to be able to control your tongue or you might regret it.

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Reason yourself

Before saying that someone is your friend, first of all, take out time to study him. After studying his character then allow your mind to determine if he will make a good impact in your life or if he will lead you to something that will make you to be rueful over yourself.

It is better to be with yourself alone than to be with other people who took you for granted. Even if it`s only you that understands yourself don`t give up on doing what you think is right and will be of good benefit to you. It is not a must to make others understand as far as one out of all understands you, the next thing to do is to go ahead with your pursuit in attaining your goal.



Don`t let anyone wear you down, don`t take bad compliments to the heart rather use it to ignite yourself in order to prove them wrong by changing their mindset about you. You can achieve this by establishing yourself, in making something good out of yourself.

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