The Treaties on Sexuality


The Treaties on Sexuality, As a child, it didn`t matter, what reproductive organ a man carries or a woman carries, it didn`t matter to you, but the moment your hormones  starts playing their roles, you cant think of a world beyond that because your intelligence has been completely hijacked by your hormones, but yet again you see beyond a certain age when the play of hormones slows down and yet once again it didn`t matter and you look back at time and say “you cant believe you did all of that at a certain period of you life ” 
The Treaties on Sexuality


1. Procreation 
2. Survival 
And it knows nothing else..
So if you go by the normal functions of the body, well some pleasures may come to you “just some”. You may ask “Is there anything wrong with the human body?” “NO” it`s just that it is not “PERFECT”, You may also ask “is there anything wrong about being limited?” “NO” it`s just that you will live a life of UNFUFILMENT, which isn`t a wrong thing.
The Treaties on Sexuality, Take for instance, Now that you think about the opposite sex all the time and a sorcerer walks up to you and grants you your desire and boom!!! You have all the women that you desire so much at your beck and call thinking you have everything you`ve ever wanted, well after a period of time you will grow tired and you will realize that you still lived an unfufiled life, so definitely its not going to get you beyond your expectations, well it could grant you maybe just a little bit of pleasure and a little bit of pain (take note am not trying to make it look obscene ) actually it is fine perfectly fine, it`s just that you will live withing the limits of the body and like I said earlier the human body knows only procreation and survival.


 The human body does not know anything but if there`s anything certain is that it keeps moving every day and every moment ever drawing closer to the grave, but right now because of the play of hormones we`ve forgotten that (the human body) it moves only towards the grave,(sighs), slowly as time passes it becomes more aware of this continuous journey towards the grave and if all that you have known is the body and no matter what the case maybe you are going to loose it….(Sigh) “fear becomes just the way to live”.
Dear friends, “when we try to make the limited unlimited we surely suffer”.
The ways of the body are very limited and if you try to make it everything, you will suffer for anything.


The Treaties on Sexuality, So nothing is wrong with the body and nothing is wrong with it ways, it`s just that it is very limited “it plays just that much role in our life” if you try to stretch it to all your life, you will suffer because you are trying to create “falsehood”. Nothing is wrong with your hormones either, that`s just how it is “compulsive”, when living compulsively you become a “slave” and slowly a slave becomes “depressed” and gets to a stage called “desperation age”, whereby you become desperate to sexual satisfaction in every means possible., Rape, (#justice_for_uwa), masturbation, pornographic films, and the likes of many others.
You are desperate for sexual satisfaction because “you made the least aspect of your life everything” so life is just taking it course, so don`t move on that path !!! 
 “everything else has a part to play just that much role in your life” Click here
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