SIMILARITIES OF LIFE – In this planet called earth which is the home FOR humans our universal language is “English”, we “African” get to know how to speak it with influence because of the colonization of the British in west Africa. It means as our lingua-franca (secondary language).

You will bear with me that some of the words used in this language are similar to their opposites according to their number of letters. 

For instance:






And most especially my main focus here which is

Success – failure

Why do they have the same number of letters, Is this perhaps a Coincidence? To my own understanding, I will say that it is how it`s meant to be.


No one is Inferior

Bear it in mind that no one is born by mistake, everyone is created for a reason, some people take others as inferior due to their differences be it in age, financial status, race, or complexion.

Just like what is happening between Africans and whites.

The criticism going on about us who are classified as “blacks” in their minds, even though we are third-world countries, those that are already advanced started from somewhere and by God’s grace we will attain the zenith point one faithful day, all it needs is the plan, will-power, and determination.


Humility Is the Key

We shouldn`t be so proud of ourselves no matter the category of people we fall into. Though We are all conceived through the same process which is through sexual intercourse,

we shouldn`t take others for granted, difference in our complexion doesn`t make us superior as we are all human, after all our God doesn`t justify according to race, or complexion but rather he looks at how pure our souls are.

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That body you are bragging about Will become food for maggots one faithful day.

One day you that think that you have made it all in life will be mortalized and rest in the bosom of the place meant for you in the afterlife be it hell or the reverse leaving all your accumulations and achievements behind.


Do know you that no matter how high you carry your shoulder you will never remain in existence for eternity, it is absolutely not possible, and even science won`t be able to save you when your time comes. By ash we come by ash we shall go someday. (Read about thinking)

We need to emphasize our main focus here which is success and its vice versa, failing in everything you do today doesn`t mean that you won`t succeed tomorrow, and also that you are successful today doesn`t mean that things won`t be able to bounce backward in the future.

Someone you took for granted might be your only hope in the future. Fate always twists, you can never tell what the future holds and has installed for you.

In the future, your life which you value so much might be at the mercy of those you ignored in times of need.


You Never Can Tell

Someone you criticize and spat upon today might end up being your savior, you should treat others as valuable factors for it is the same blood that runs through your vein that runs through their vein.

We should live according to the universal law which is to treat others as we wish to be treated by them.

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