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The Present Moment

The Present Moment

The present moment  Things happen and all things happen in the present moment. All that has ever happened in it. All that will happen will happen in it. Right now things are happening in it. It is impossible for anything to happen outside the moment. Outside the present moment, nothing exists. This should make it obvious that the past and future do not have a reality of their own. They are mental concepts in your head.

This goes to show that there is no time but we have the concept of time which makes us perceive time. That ticking clock that makes you perceive time is only changing form and it changes from the present moment. We can say that things happen. However, what really happens when things happen is that things are changing form. Forms are constantly in motion, hence, changing. It is therefore not time that changes. It is the world of form that keeps changing in the ever-present Now – one moment, changing forms. Everything that evolves does so in the eternal Now. 

The Now always is. What is your relationship with the Now? What is your relationship with what is happening in the present moment? If you have a friendly relationship with the Now (accepting what is), the Now (Life) will smile at you. If you are hostile with the Now (resisting what is or treating what happens as an enemy), Life will reflect your hostility back to you. You begin to suffer a dysfunction that will reflect in your relationship with people as well as your situation. Click


You may wish not to have the present moment but the moment always is. Why fight what is? It is absurd. What is? Ask yourself: What kind of relationship do I want with the present moment? Do I want the present moment to be an enemy or a friend? To you, the present moment comes in a form. It comes in the form of what is happening. If you, therefore, want the moment to be your friend, you have to accept what happens. By accepting what happens you are being friendly with the present moment and the moment will smile at you. Soon the result of your friendship with the moment will manifest in your life. Life becomes less stressful for you. Your situation, especially the one you considered unpleasant improves, and people become helpful. Your friendship with the present moment is what will change your entire reality.

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You have to make that decision to be friendly with the moment again and again. The present moment always is but it keeps evolving in the form of what happens. The vast majority of people have made the moment into an enemy, hence, they just keep wanting to escape the present moment. They consider that particular moment as an obstacle or an enemy. The result is what you see all around your stress, addiction, disease, frustration, worry, and anxiety. The enmity between you and the moment will not serve your purpose. You have had enough enmity. It is enough. Click Here

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