We cannot tackle our problems by making noise in the name of speaking. That someone is silent doesn`t mean that he or she don`t know what to say.
A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words, not all words are understandable. Some problems are better solved with silence. Not all dogs that bark can actually bite, some use it just to scare intruders away. 
It is better to sit calm and remain silent than to stand up in the presence of others to say something that makes absolutely no sense in the normal understanding of a person, which is why it is better to take care of your thoughts when you are alone and to take good care of your words when you are with people. click here


Our way of understanding things differs a lot just as our thinking differs. Things are not always as they appear, the way you see through things according to your own view differs from the way another person views it. For example; if a letter “W” is written, you will see it as the letter “W” that it is but someone standing opposite to you will see it as “M”, which is why for you to have mutual understanding you need to understand that “things are not always as they appear”. 


Silence as a valuable factor

That someone is silent doesn`t decipher that the person won`t know what to say or don`t have anything to say but rather it means that there is an important reason for each and every of their act which was judged otherwise. 
If we are supposed to only be judging according to what we hear from the victim`s mouth only, it means that the dumb won`t be able to defend themselves.
One`s silence doesn`t make him a weakling but rather it gives him the grace to think deeper and positively. 
Life teaches us a series of lessons that some are to be endured silently. It is better to be silent and solve your problems by yourself and those who understood your silence than to use your mouth and open up to someone who will make a mockery of you.
So my dear readers the silence of a man doesn`t make him stupid rather it makes him more sensible.


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