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The Impacts of Music on Human Life

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The Impacts of Music on Human Life

Music  has been called language of emotions. Therefore, music is an art form whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is regarded as the art of making pleasing combination of sounds, when we sing, dance, play musical instrument or involved in musical activities.

Hence, music is life and life is music. no life is complete without music, there is music for all human endeavors of man in all ramification. No society or ethnic group can do without music.

The word music is derived from Greek word called MOUSIKE, the creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according to culture and social context. Below are some uses of music;

The Impacts of Music on Human Life

1. FESTIVAL: Music is used during festivals like fighting festival, festival of art and culture e t c.

2. CEREMONIES: We use music in ceremonies like marriage, birthday celebration, burial.

3. SPORTS: Music is used in sporting events like wrestling, football matches, eg fans playing music to motivate their players and celebrating for goals scored.

4. EXERCISES: It is used for exercises like military parade and calisthenics.

5. RELIGIOUS WORSHIP: Music is used for religious worships is churches, temples, mosques and in schools.

6. FOR HEALING: Music is used for healing therapy. it is used for curing certain types of illness like mental disorder.

7. LULLABY: Music is used to send babies to sleep.

8. ADVERTISEMENT: Music is used for advertisement in the television, radios or anywhere.

9. TEACHING AND LEARNING: We use music in teaching pupils in schools. it is part of child`s play. it helps them to memorize names of things.

10. EXPRESSING HUMAN FEELINGS: Music is used in expressing your feelings of joy, grief or sorrow, love or hatred, amusement….and so on.

Common elements of music are: pitch, tempo, duration, metre, rhythm, melody, qualities, time, intensity, dynamic, harmony.


  • Musical sounds are regular and definite.
  • Musical sounds are organized in an artistic manner.
  • Music must be enjoyable and pleasing to the ear.


The impact music has on human life cannot be over emphasized. music has a great influence on man. The type of music you listen to is capable of molding your life or mar it. Music is a very powerful tool in making man, that is why some people have a particular musician their mentor. They pattern their lives after such musicians , some see certain musician as their hero or idol. Click here

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