The Illusion of Time

The Illusion of Time, Imagine that there is no human being on Earth. Do you think in such a situation, what we call time will be needed? Of what use will time be? Things can happen, things can change but there will be no time. Change is real but what we call time is not. Time is only a reflection of change. It is from change that our brains construct a sense of time as if it were flowing. This happens and that happens and all of them fit together to make time seem linear.

What is Illusion

Before we continue, let’s look at the word illusion. What is an illusion? According to Wikipedia, An illusion is a distortion of the senses, which can reveal how the mind normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.

Time Illusion – A Human Concept

Time is a human concept. Watch the clock on the wall or the watch on your wrist. Something is ticking. That which ticks means nothing to Mother Nature. To her, there is just Now and things evolve in the Now. There is a cycle of interdependent impermanence. We use time for organizing our lives and documenting history. Time does not really exist.

Time is an illusion but many people are controlled by this illusion called time. When you are being controlled by something as unreal as time, you become somewhat delusional, Show me what you call past. Where is it? It does not exist. What you have is memory. What about the future? Can you show me? What you call the future is an imagination. 

Present in the Moment

The future does not exist. The concept of time deludes us into concerning ourselves with its passing and impending arrival. You are either dwelling in the past, mulling over what has happened again and again, or you are living in the future, anticipating what is to come, when it will come, if it will come, in essence you are waiting to start living. Dwelling in the past or future takes us out of Now. Outside Now you cannot enjoy life. Outside the present moment, there is no life. Life always happens Now. Are you so regretful of what happened in the past that you miss the opportunity blossoming in the present? You are not present in the moment. Are you so distracted by thoughts of Monday morning that you do not enjoy the time spent with your family on Sunday evening? You are not present in the moment.

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The Illusion of Time

Stop being a victim of time. If you are not present, you are torn between the past and future neither of which exists. In that state, you prevent yourself from enjoying life. If you allow yourself to be a victim of the past or a slave to the future, you will carry with you a burden or a sense of unease. You will be susceptible to stress, agitation, and feel uncomfortable. You are looking for redemption in time but time does not offer it. Time offers pain.

I have had my share of living in time, split between the past and the future. Then when I dwelt in the past, I saw efforts that did not yield the expected outcome, mistakes I wished did not happen, and actions I wished I had not taken, I was filled with regrets, I also went to the future where I saw the financial struggle, unfulfillment, being a failure. I worried. So whether I was living in the past or in the future, the consequence was pain. Occasionally, I would be hopeful. This hope was nothing other than the future saving me by some miraculous intervention. I did not see that the future I was hoping to save me depended on what I can do in the present moment.

This is where the Now has power.  I did not realize that the Now I took for granted has the power to change my situation.


If you want to do something that will change your situation, you cannot do it in the past or future, you can only do it Now. The more present you are in the Now when carrying out an action, the more powerful that action becomes.

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