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The Cross of Goodness

The Cross of Goodness

The Cross of Goodness, The drive to be good for one is not exactly a source of inspiration to receive applauds and cheers from the public.

So, you have practically lived a good life, and maybe still living it, You have been `the good girl/boy` even when the worst has been demanded from you, by society.

Suddenly, you began to feel or think that you have been wasting your time being good. You started thinking about the insults and responsibilities you have been burdened with, all for the sacrifice of being good. You now listen to motivational talks that drive your motion of being good and different, into one that makes you mind only `your business and most likely, act like everyone else.

Remember, no one becomes good by default. So many have found it a big challenge to transform their lives into that, which is worth not just the applaud of the society but the peace their minds crave.

If you have been tempted to leave a particular friend, firm or gathering because they do not value your worth, it is popularly said that you exit that environment, but how sure are you, that this new environment you eventually get accustomed to, will value you the way you want to be valued? Shockingly, they may even be worse than your very first place of concern.

The Cross of Goodness

A man without the knowledge of self-worth and precise assignment, a man that has no vision of what is ahead but is always concerned about the fruits of just one season, may never have the patience and humility to forge ahead of his purpose(s) unshaken.

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You must master the act of looking beyond the celebration or insults of the public, a time when your vision and set goals weigh more than your voice and theirs combined.

What really matters most times is the way you picture your future and categorically feature the necessary ingredients that will help build that future. Because even God has bestowed such beauty and dominion upon us , that we go ahead and be fruitful.

You can`t stop being good because out of a thousand states, one doesn`t recognize your works and sacrifices and deemed it fit to award you.

Dare to be different, dare to remain good, dare to impact the lowly, dare to always applaud yourself for the little wins you got so far.

There`s no reason to wait on someone to walk you down the aisle of greatness when you have your legs all good and working perfectly.

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