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The 12 Trending Crochet Braids in 2022

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Lemonade braids are named after Beyoncé’s “Lemonade album” in which she frequently rocked a side cornrow style. When it comes to rocking braids and cornrows, it seems like Beyoncé and her sister Solange share the same interest. Because of the popularity of these braids, I have decided to list out the 12 Trending Crochet Braids in 2022



Here are 12 Trending Crochet Braids in 2022

1. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids

Possibly the most iconic braids of all time. Queen Brock’s super long mini lemonade braids with touches of good throughout her looks.


2. Nicki Minaj Lemonade Braids

Nicki Minaj can also be credited with bringing back the lemonade braids. The rap star rocked these fairly floss floors. Length rocks in her 2018 film clip for Motorsport. You may need a few extensions if you want to steal her style.


3. Burgundy lemonade Braids

Edge up your boohoo look with this deep burgundy color. Add extensions in this shade for a statement hairstyle that will turn heads.


4. Zig zag lemonade Braids

You can choose a standard cornrow style, or you can have a little more fun with hair parting if you`re adventurous at heart. Try this mesmerizing zig-zag style.


5. Blonde lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids and blonde hair are a match made in heaven. Braids protect the hair and help to restore bleached locks to their former glory.


6. Big Lemonade Braids

They are large enough to stand out but small enough to be subtle.


7. Center part

This style is flattering for ladies with a round face shape. It will visually elongate the features and create symmetry.


8. Lemonade Braids to the side

The way you want your Braids to styled is up to you. Here the hair is braided entirely to the opposite of the head with a stunning geometric patterned part.. Lemonade Braids the 

For some boohoo vibes add a few beads to the end of your braids. from girly to punk, Bohemian or simple style there are plenty of beads out there to suit whatever look you like. Whatever your style just make sure you choose a size that will glide seamlessly over your locks.


10. Jumbo Triangle Part

This edgy style is about as far from traditional as lemonade braids get. if you want to stand out, definitely give this triangle part with jumbo braids a try


11. Long Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids are known for their length. But, if you don’t have naturally long locks fear not. You can always fake it. Any weave or hair extensions can be easily incorporated into your lemonade braids.


12. Pink Lemonade Braids

This hot pink is more refreshing than a glass of pink lemonade on a warm summer day. Brighten up your look with this cool shade just in time for the hotter months.



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