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Tatiana Manaois – I Want It To Be You

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Tatiana Manaois is a good musician and many people love listening to her songs because most of her songs tell us more about love and how to handle it, this particular song is tell us how to handle people we love and let them we love them and also ask them if they can love us the same way we love them, I also love listening to Tatiana Manaois music


Tatiana Manaois – I Want It To Be You Ft. Mac Mase

The American international singer, Tatiana Manaois drop a piece of music titled “I want it to be you” featuring mac. mase. This music is one of the best Tatiana Manaois music I have heard it’s is also another top trending music song by Tatiana Manaois



Tatiana Manaois Personal Details

FULL NAME: Tatiana Kamaile Muna Manaois a.k.a Itstatianam.
SOBRIQUET: Tatiana Manaois.
DATE OF BIRTH: October 22nd, 1996.
RELIGION: Christianity.
STATE OF ORIGIN: California, United States.
RELATIONSHIP: Single (As Of 2020)
OCCUPATION: Singer, Songwriter, Content Creator, Vocalist, Director.
GENRE: Pop, New Age, Folk, RnB.
LANGUAGES: America English (maybe any other language)
LABEL: Tatiana Manaois Label / Self Signed.
YEAR ACTIVE: 2010 – till date.




How many songs she has produced so far?

Since her debut in the music industry, Tatiana has released over 50 songs and these song are lovely, each and every one of her song talks more about love


I Want It To Be You Lyrics

Not anyone but you
Not anyone but you
Could you be my one and only?
(I want you)
What if I told you, that I really like you?
What if I showed you, that maybe I could surprise you?
Would you be so kind to open up your mind and heart to me?
Would it be alright if we just ride along this road and see
That I can’t be with anyone but you
Not anyone but you, because
I want it to be you
I want it to be you
(I want you)
I said “Hey, let’s take a ride down the interstate-5
Even squeeze in a dinner for two”
Just in that moment, yes everything told me that I want you
To be the one who chase me up and gives me hope when I’m feeling lonely
And tell me everything will be alright

I Want It To Be You Ft. Mac Mase

And when I cry, I know that I don’t look the same
But could you tell me that I’m pretty anyway?
Could you be my one and only?
Could you be the one to hold me close
In the daytime, and in the night time
What do you say?
We can go to a place that I know you’ll like
Like, what do you say
If I give my heart to you
Would you be my lover?
Cause I want this life with you
No other one, no other
I just want it to be you, is that a problem?
You know we go together like cranberry and vodka
And when I see you walking, you don’t need a red carpet
Cause you’re a star in my eyes, and girl I’m stars truck
Baby how you summertime fine, you around
And everything is better whenever that you are around
It’s a lot of fish in the sea, but I ain’t fishing
Baby, they tryna throw shade, but I ain’t listen
I’m like, damn girl, how you come up in this thing without your man girl
I’ve been watching what you doing, I’m a fan girl
I’m just tryna get away, what’s the plan girl
Gimme your hand girl
I want I to be you, ayy, ayy
I want it to be you
Songwriters: Tatiana Manaois

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