• What is my Purpose

    What is my Purpose

    What is my Purpose You are out of school and like most graduates, you start looking for a job. After several months, you find a job. You are happy to have a job and you resume at your place of work. In less than six months, you begin asking yourself if you would like to continue on this job. this how I am going to spend my life working on this job? Few months ago when you got the job, you were happy. Now, the same job makes you unhappy. You start looking for another job, another job that will fulfill you, that will help you achieve your life purpose.…

  • The Present Moment
    Life & Meaning

    The Present Moment

    The Present Moment The present moment  Things happen and all things happen in the present moment. All that has ever happened in it. All that will happen will happen in it. Right now things are happening in it. It is impossible for anything to happen outside the moment. Outside the present moment, nothing exists. This should make it obvious that the past and future do not have a reality of their own. They are mental concepts in your head. This goes to show that there is no time but we have the concept of time which makes us perceive time. That ticking clock that makes you perceive time is only…

  • Lifestyle

    Thinking as a Tool

    Thinking as a Tool A tool serves a purpose. You pick a hammer when you want to hit a nail into the wall. After nailing, the proper thing to do is to put down the hammer. What will you say about the person who after nailing carries the hammer about without dropping it. That would be insane. Thinking is a tool that serves a purpose in the creative process. It is a part of the main thing not the main thing. It is a tool that should be dropped when its use is over. But what do many of us do? We think and think and think. Not to think…

  • Life & Meaning

    Your Awakening is Necessary

    Your Awakening is Necessary A walk into a deeper realm of possibilities, the realm above this physical bunch of mere activities, a realm that exposes one to truths and realities, that could be found offensive and displeasing, many have gotten so deep and blinded by the religion and doctrines of history. No longer do we see men, hungry men that till the soil, in every condition of the weather, to search for truth, they now sit comfortably with folded arms and get entangled with the false traditions, rules and doctrines, they feel originated from the original Creator. Sadly, these lies they ingest and digest, don`t just end up with them…