How The Ego Sabotages You II

How The Ego Sabotages You II

How The Ego Sabotages You II Ever heard of John Kennedy Toole? He wrote a novel called A Confederacy of Dunces. He lived in New Orleans and he submitted the manuscript to Simon and Schuster for publication. However, he and the publisher could not come to an agreement on the novel’s need for significant revision. Ultimately, the book […]

How The Ego Sabotages You

How The Ego Sabotages You Video above titled  “Dissolving the Ego” shows how to dissolve the ego, how the ego arises from thought…, watch your thought. Your ego left unchecked sabotages you. You call a number of things that happen in your life bad. What you may not know is that most of these so-called bad things are […]

You Are Not Your Ego

I show you that: The problem is not that you do not think; the problem is that you are unable to stop thinking. You are addicted to thinking but you do not know that. Through compulsive thinking you look at people and situations through the eyes of the past. So you label and judge you misinterpret. The […]

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