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    Go Within

    Go Within Go Within, For the most part of your life you have been away from home. By that I mean that virtually all your attention has been on the external things and people. When you feel threatened, you look for security externally; when you are sad, you look for happiness externally; when you are troubled, you look for peace externally. Now pause for a moment and reflect: Have you really found security, happiness, or peace outside? If not, then why do you continue to look for them where they cannot be found? You are not at home. You have given yourself so much to the external that you have…

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    How the Ego is Formed

    How the Ego is Formed How did the ego come about in the first place? This sense of self that is false, how did it develop? As a baby you had no idea of you as an I. You were not able to recognize your inherent nature, you heard your parents refer to you again and again by a name and you got the idea that your name refers to you, you went on to adopt your name as your identity, your sense of self. As time went on, you identified with your attributes and you defined yourself with forms: I am beautiful/ugly, I am intelligent/stupid, I am tall/short. And…