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Love has become a relevant thing in human life , only because human emotion is a strong aspect of being human , in human life emotion has been a very powerful thing down to this day and age , though people think they are very intellectual , but then their emotions are the strongest aspect isn`t it? , it is the most intense aspect of their life.
They claim to be intellectual but their intellect is never so intense but their emotions. Hmmmm.. maybe not love, maybe not compassion, but maybe anger, maybe irritation … These are all emotions. So emotion is a very important aspect of being human just that in this case we are concerned about what type of emotion you want to have?
Okay let`s do these ; do u have a mind ? > yes 
Would u like it to be smart or dull ? > yes 
Do u have emotions ? > yes 
Do u want it to be sweet or bitter ? > yes 
Why ? > because it works better that way isn`t it ? 
So love means that you have transformed your emotions into sweetness. Love is emotion, but it is the sweetness of your emotion that we refer to as love, if the same emotion becomes bitter we call it hate, usually it is the people you once loved u finally hate.
You can`t just hate a man walking on the street for no reason (except you are from the other part of the world). So we see that love and hate are two sides of a coin, they are pretty close isn`t it? 
If u toss this way we call it love, if u toss that way we call it hate isn`t it? 
They are like different kinds of same. You know, early 2018 I went to LASU to deliver a talk and someone asked” how can I love without emotion?
Hmmm.. I laughed and told him 
love is an emotion, you only choose if u want it to be sweet or bitter. Do u want it pleasant or unpleasant? 
Love is always an emotion, so also irritation, agitation, anxiety, fear name them… For fun “YOU know you humans are very capable of love if they are willing you know, isn`t it ?
Also, a dog is very much capable of love. In fact, when humans face major heartbreaks, they get themselves a dog, because with a dog u are guaranteed a 12 years love affair. A dog is always excited to see his master/mistress at all times and all day, but your partner may be very sweet today and bitter the next day, so the dog gives more guarantee right? 
So if you made yourself in such a way that nobody around you can love you, then the only succor you have is to get yourself a dog isn`t it?”
But then dear friends; 
We can try not to look anything as “love, hate, happiness, misery” but rather as pleasant and unpleasant 
I.e *if you become pleasant in your body it is called HEALTH, if it becomes very pleasant it is called PLEASURE. If your mind becomes pleasant we call it PEACE, if it becomes very pleasant we call it JOY, If your emotions become pleasant, we call it LOVE if it becomes very pleasant we call it COMPASSION
If your energy becomes pleasant, we call it BLISS, if it becomes very pleasant we call it ECSTASY,  If your surrounding becomes pleasant we call it SUCCESS.
Should I be loving? > NO 
U just have to be pleasant. In that way, you would open the doorway of life called EQUANIMOUS where you are able to see everything just the way it is and give everything just the amount of energy it deserves 
Take for instance;
When u say I love you, you exaggerated good things about the person, when you say I hate you, you also exaggerated bad things about the person, just be pleasant not loving. Love makes people go blind.
When u love someone you lose sense and when you hate someone you lose sense too isn`t it? 
Why not just become pleasant, so that anything or anyone that comes in contact with you, will share in your pleasantness.
Wow, what a more guaranteed love affair !!!
Meaning others don`t have to be nice for you to be pleasant.
Friends, if you mortgage your pleasantness to something outside of you, you will end up being destroyed. Nobody can be fix exactly the way you want them to be. So friends, share your pleasantness all around you, let it flow only then will you reach the ultimate. Click here
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