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Stillness III

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Stillness III

Stillness III, Your mind has been in charge. It has been your leader for the most part of your life and now its leadership position is threatened. The mind, therefore, engages in a battle and in this battle, it fights as if it is fighting for survival. In the process of stepping out of your mind and aligning with your Being, you may feel lost as if you are in a no-man’s land. Some people move back into the mind at this stage without realizing that they are one step away from enlightenment’s you journey from your mind to your Being and your mind fights fiercely, you may experience what may be called withdrawal symptoms.

Do not run to your addictions food, alcohol, social media, sex to numb your feeling then. Doing so may stop the fight but it delays your enlightenment. The addictive object you run to does not end the fight. It only postpones it to another day and the fight may be more intense the next time. Your strength is displayed when you go through this stage without your addictions. The strength of your Being will lead you to enlightenment and a by-product is a withdrawal from your addictions so that you are no longer an addict. In this way, stillness can help you overcome your addictions. You were never lost; you were only obscured from being aware of who you are.

Stillness III

We live in a noisy world. Why is there noise? Because people are addicted to stimulations. They are scared of stillness and so must always have noise as a companion. External world is a reflection of one internal state, so their external environment correlates to their internal turbulence. The turbulence within is stressful and causes pain. Pain puts them out of ease and they suffer disease. If you are still seeking stimulation, then stillness will be difficult for you and the way you live your life will keep taking you away from yourself. Here is the normal life of people: Being too busy, constant distractions, stress, noise, stimulating food and drinks, emotions, anxiety. The consequence is mental and emotional exhaustion.

Do you want peace? Be still.

Stillness may be difficult for you at first because the hyperactive mind brings up all kinds of thoughts. In that case, you may start by focusing on your breath. Let that bring you into the present moment. As you continue the practice, you find out that you are not bombarded by thoughts as you were when you started. The gap between thoughts increases. You may start practicing stillness for 15 minutes a day. If you really think that you do not have 15 minutes to spare in a whole day, then you may need an hour for stillness.

You do not have to believe that stillness will be of benefit to you. Practice it and have the experience.

Stillness III

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