Self Discovery: Attributes, Importance, and Motivational quotes


“One can`t hit a target he can`t see”

Self-discovery is a situation whereby you are aware of your abilities and capabilities. It starts with the motivation within your own mind and body. You can`t just wake up one day and say this is what I know is my inner ability. It will take time for one to discover their inner self. In order for you to achieve self-discovery, you will need self-knowledge, self absorbance, and self-awareness.

The truth of the matter is that you need to know and understand yourself better than anyone.


Self Knowledge and Self-Discovery

Self-knowledge attributes to self-discovery as it is the act of one to fully understand themselves. It helps you to know when your body is reacting towards something, and when the reverse is the case. To know when you are supposed to restraint yourself from something and when you are to allow yourself.


Self Awareness and Self-Discovery

This is the ability of one to fully examine his own behaviour and character. Therefore it is the knowledge and understanding of one`s own character. Characters are the qualities and features that makes an individual different from others. It is the strong personal qualities of an individual that deviates him from others. Our behaviours differ and it is implemented in the way we act and socialize.

Self-awareness helps in self-discovery because, when you fully understand yourself, you will be able to fully examine your character and your behaviour in general.

You need to use the “C.A.N.E.I” formula. Which are the continuous assessment and never-ending improvement? You might be seeing yourself as the best. You might think that you have attained the best version of yourself, but never stop at improving that your best. Be the best you can be. Our outward appearance doesn`t define who we are. Who we are isn`t what we display for the world to see, rather it is those inner qualities and features that makeup who we are.

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That no one is perfect doesn`t mean that you should relent in improving yourself from improving for the better.


What Makes us Special?

What makes us special is not the wealth or power that we wield in our possession, but what glitters within us. There is always one thing that differs us from the rest of the world. And that thing is what makes us special and unique. Never look down on what you can be able to achieve and always bear in mind that nothing is impossible. If you strive for the moon, don`t be afraid to aim for the moon, because even if you miss, you will surely land on the stars.


Danger of Pessimism

Most of the problem people are facing lately is caused by the fear of failure. Failure is just an aspect of life that you need to accept. You can`t be victorious without experiencing setbacks. There are no mistakes in life ever, its only lessons. Most beautiful places can`t be discovered without getting lost. Pile of stones that appears as an obstacle in your way can also be used as stepping stones if you are optimistic about your abilities and capabilities.

So in life, there is always something to learn from everything that occurred. And bear in mind, “in every nonsense, there is always a sense”. Keep your mind focused and your aspirations will turn to reality.

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