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Reality-The battle line has been drawn

It is therefore acknowledged in this world that there is no journey without an end. Finally, it has come to an end. The joyous and sorrowful days are finally over. Times when you become sad and cry when thinking without your parents around you to cuddle you. The journey of a thousand miles which we thought to be long. The thoughts on our mind when will all these end? `I want to leave am tired` was what lingered on my mind. Finally, it has come. At first, when we were bore, it really seemed a very long year before we turned into adults now.


Reality of the world


Some of us who just faced the reality of the world. It is really sorrowful at times and joyous at times. Our welcoming into adulthood is really remarkable. It taught me a lot of things which I will never forget. Times when you feel dejected and angry of nothing. Times when you become happy with people around you. Times when you think there is no one to be trusted. Times when something is bothering you but you can`t confide in someone, different characters of people.


Different characters of people

The cheerful one which is always happy, the jealous ones who would be happy to see your downfall. The wicked ones who would always gossip with your name. Even with all these characters they have taught us a lot of things because without them we would not have had an enjoyable memory. They all contributed immensely to the happiness and enjoyment of our stay in this world. Even when the brainy and intelligent ones take the chillard as being inferior but all these are nonsense because we all are pencils in the hands of the creator and every one has its own appointed time to shine and also when people force themselves to be like others (to belong). All these are the joyous things that made life enjoyable.

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Dreams and Reality

Finally, it was a dream and now it is a reality. The race of this part of life is over and we are gradually going to meet the outside world which is full of ups and downs, only the brave and courageous live it well. The time when we fall into temptation. This world is not as well a bed of roses, we all are termed to come across problems or tribulations.


Live your life well – Conclusion

Live your life well as if it were your last because we got to live it once, make sure you strive hard to succeed in life. Never you do because others are doing. Don`t be proud because it comes with a fall. Cherish your neighbors and love them as well as you love yourself. Always remember to be good ambassadors of your family. Beauty may fade but what is essential is good character. Live your life for people to imitate you and for you to be successful. Life has taught me a lot of things. It laid down a good scaring high believing that the sky is our stepping stone and not our limit and finally we succeeded. It made us what we are today.

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