Polar Pacer Series: Pacer and Pacer Pro

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Polar presents their latest additions to their family of running watches. Both announced on 13 April 2022, they are the Polar Pacer and Pacer pro. They are designed to cater for beginners and advanced users. Also, these Pacer wearables offer a tracking experience specifically for runners.

A high-quality GPS watch is one of the essential tools any athlete needs to improve running performance. Polar’s GPS running watches don’t only measure your heart rate but calculate your running pace and distance automatically. They’re packed with smart features that help you see your progress and stay motivated.

Reports show that a new collection of Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro accessories and wristbands will be available in mid-May. Below, I will provide some of their amazing attributes to show you why you should get yours.


Polar Pacer

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This is a no-nonsense GPS running watch that gives the modern runner all the essentials, plus the specialized training tools they need to run better. They are easy to recommend for those looking for a wearable to provide detailed data, coaching and guidance to help them understand their body and performance.


  • Bright display optimized for any condition
  • Advanced optical heart rate tracking
  • Enhanced high speed processor with 5MB of RAM. This is an upgrade that aims to improve performance and deliver a better user experience.
  • Accurate GPS and long-life battery
  • Rapid charging and data transfer
  • Slender, ultra-thin design for maximum comfort and no fuss
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Possesses MIP (memory-in-pixel) reflective color display optimized for bright conditions. So now you can see your stat clearly without peering your eyes in the sun. MIP offers up to 10x more power efficiency
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When is the Polar Pacer available?

Well, the Pacer is available at $199.90 for preorder on Polar’s website. It is expected to ship in May, 2022.

Available colors include Cloud White, Night Black, Purple Dusk and Deep Teal.


Polar Pacer Pro



This is an ultra-light, new-generation, must-get GPS running watch. It has an integrated barometer that equips serious runners with advanced training tools to improve running performance and economy. Together with the barometer, it also contains a magnetometer. This helps users to receive very detailed feedback at the end of their exercise.



  • Integrated barometer with wrist-based running power
  • Powerful training tools for serious runners
  • Bright display for optimal readability in any condition
  • Hyper fast, high-performance core processor
  • Accurate GPS and long-life battery (35 hours with full GPS and heart rate tracking enabled).
  • Advance in optical heart rate tracking technology
  • Rapid charging and data transfer
  • Possesses MIP(memory-in-pixel) reflective color display. This allows for maximum readability in bright conditions.
  • Multiple running profiles
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Smartphone notifications


When is the Polar Pacer Pro available?

Actually, the Polar Pacer Pro is available at $299.90 on Polar’s website and in retail stores.

They are also available in compelling colors. They include: Snow White, Carbon Gray, Autumn Maroon and Midnight Blue. An Aurora Green color will be available later this year.


Interesting facts

The two new Polar Pacer and Pacer Pro watches are made to help runners understand their bodies and then guide them through optimal performance. Although they seem to have similar properties, they still have their differences. Polar says they’re targeted at runners of different skill levels.

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The Pacer is designed with newbies in mind. It’s an entry– level wearable for runners. For instance, it introduces a new walking test that is great for first-time runners. On the other hand, the Pacer Pro is made for professionals. That is, it aims at intermediate to pro athletes.

Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro come with custom-made silicone Polar wristbands that “ensure a superior fit and optimal heart rate measurement”, according to Polar. Polar Pacer works with any standard 20mm wristband with quick release spring bars, and with the included SHIFT™ adapter, Polar Pacer Pro users can also attach any standard 20 mm wristband.



Final thoughts

I seem to have said a lot but there are still quite few features that will impress you and make you want to get one. If you’re a sports lover, then this is for you.

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