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Peer Pressure in Teens

Most recently I have heard things like “You don`t belong,  You are too dull, you don`t know what you are missing” etcetera etcetera.. This and many more have to lead to so many to a life of regret and those people who influenced you to disappear in the long run.
When a peer is used in a sentence or phrase most people may not understand what it actually signifies. Peer are people who are part of the same social group, so the term “peer pressure”  simply refers to the influence peers have on each other. Peer pressure may either be a good or bad influence, but in our society today it`s not always a socially desirable influence, such as exercising or studying cos each person has a different story to tell.
For instance, I once met a guy who gave credit for his success to God, his parents, and most of his peers whom he studied with back in school. And there is another story of someone who had a wayward life due to peer influence. This, in reality, can either be positive or negative, it involves influencing someone into doing something they may be resistant to.


How Peer Pressure influences a Person

Peer pressure could influence a person to involve in some sporting activities, this same peer pressure could lead the same person to over-identify with sports, turning the person into a “sports addict” causing neglect to other activities and responsibilities.
Therefore peer pressure could either yield a positive or negative impact on a person but the most common is the negative impact. This is common in kids and teens.
Most adults too are not immune to peer pressure which makes it more difficult for kids to overcome. Peer pressure causes kids to do things they would not otherwise do with the purpose of fitting in or feeling among, and of course, this can include experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs. The desire to impress your peers can override you to taking messy risks, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse for kids.


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Negative Impact on on a Person


This risky behavior with drugs or alcohol can result in the following:
Accidents, Addiction, Drug poisoning, Asphyxiation, Overdose, Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Teens can also feel an internal pressure to participate in activities and behaviors they think their peers are doing which can lead to behavioral addiction such as:
Food addiction, Gambling, Sex addiction, Shopping excessively, Game addiction, and Internet addiction.
Adolescents are particularly vulnerable  because they are at a stage of development when they are separating more from their parents especially those in boarding schools.
Depression, physical, social and mental assault, loneliness, A desire to “fit in” to avoid rejection and gain social acceptance, and many more are the general causes of peer pressure in teens.
Most parents are rarely concerned about peer pressure, rather than worrying about the effects on your children`s friends or playmate, parents should do well to focus on creating a positive, supportive home environment for this kids. Parents are also advised to help this child visit psychologist who would help them find their inner self.

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