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Obstacles In Life-How to Avoid it

Obstacles In Life-It has really hindered us from achieving our aims in this world. An obstacle is a situation/time/an event that makes it  difficult for you to do or achieve something. It can also be seen as an object that is in your way and that makes it difficult for you to move forward.

Parents pray for their children for academic excellence but at last to no avail because of the obstacles on our way.

Questions like this are asked by our teachers. Have you found your challenges in life which leads to obstacles? Because when your challenges are discovered likewise our obstacles will be discovered. What are the challenges? Challenges are a new or difficult task that tests somebody`s ability and skills. Obstacles have really hindered us from being successful in life. I have really thought about this topic. First I will discuss what hinders us from excelling in life.

You yourself are the worst obstacles in your life. The bible says that before you are given birth to that God already knows our future, what you will achieve in life, even what you will be in life, but it all lies on your shoulder whether you will utilize it or not because there is a saying that goes like this; How you lay your bed so shall you lie on it. The saying really encouraged me when I am reluctant especially in my academics.

In the secondary school level, you ought to have built yourself more and more for further challenges like setting your goals and having a good mindset, because you will be faced with many obstacles like difficult to understand the lessons of a teacher most especially English and mathematics which is the most important subject for both art and science classes. People say the English language is hard but I tell you it`s the most very easy one, but people had the mindset that it is hard.

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Knowledge is Power

As a serious student, your mindset is always meant to be positive. Put more effort into the subject, create more time for it and you will see there will be a change. Students now have the mindset that examination malpractice is the normal way to pass an exam; especially WASSCE candidates. They believe in the internet to browse the answers to questions. This mindset has made students not to gain the knowledge they are to acquire. 

Parents strive day and night in order to retain their child in school but the child will not be bothered rather he/she will do whatever he/she wants and by the end of the term, the child will bring back the worst result ever. My words for the parents is that if you try your best but to no avail leave the child; he/she is running his or her life but thinks otherwise. Always pray for the child, that`s what you owe them. “Whatever you sow is what you will reap”. Inability to discover your talent. This is one of the obstacles on our way.


What is Talent

What is talent? Talent means a natural ability to do something well. In this aspect, we really need prayer for God to help us discover our talent. Friends are obstacles on our way; the person you call a friend might be an obstacle instead of being a blessing to you. A friend is someone who is so dear to you or who you can express your feelings and problems to. My stay as a border in F. G. G. C. Lejja has really thought me a great lesson on who friends are.

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Who are your friends

Being with friends is the most enjoyable thing in life, without friends your life will not be complete but be friends to those that can impact good morals to you.

Many friends will come to both good and bad ones. Those that will help in building our spiritual life, religious life and motivates us positively. But those that will ruin your life, influence you negatively, advise you to club at night and also teach you all sorts of bad things, immoral behaviors and those that will aid to your downfall. Those aggregate of friends are the obstacles on our way. They will never impact anything good to us either they will bring about our downfall. While making friends, pray so that God will choose the right person for you, those that will help us to succeed in life.


Conclusion on the Obstacles In Life

People always say that the most permanent thing is change but in this aspect, it won`t work, whenever you notice a change in your friends` behavior, kindly call her to order to find out and advise her if it is a bad one but if she refuses to listen, withdraw from that person in order not to be influenced by her behavior.


Advice on Obstacles In Life

My advice to my young ones as an an experienced person, take your studies serious, mind the kind of friends you keep and learn how to build yourself in such a way that we will overcome all obstacles on our way. Lastly, whatever we are doing, we should take it serious and strive as hard as we do so. 

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Obstacles In Life

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