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The 2020 plans

By Francis Okaformbah In Enlightenment On 14th January 2020

Francis Okaformbah
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 14th January 2020
Last edited 23rd October 2020 04:39:31 AM
The 2020 plans

2020 is now here. Have you set your goals and targets for the year? If you haven`t you need to do so now. Write it down on a piece of paper. [Francis Okaformbah can help you with those plans for 2020]. Francis is a digital marketer and personal development expert.

You have to think strategically regarding your goals this year. Doing the same thing over and over again that doesn`t work, is lunacy. In his own words,  "I can help you with your goals. Let me tell you a little bit about some of my own goals. I will start with how I self-published my book; How To Sell On The Internet (by the way I am about to launch a 2nd business book, A to Z of Goal Setting, in a few days time) under a budget of less than N200,000.

"You see weeks before now I had developed the strategy of saving weekly, i.e. setting aside a part of my income for this project. The plan was to get enough money to publish the book digitally first before moving on to print. By Divine Providence I got knowledge of a Cooperative Society for Authors and I joined. I got more experience and feedback. Then weeks later, I figured why not use Print-on-Demand service to publish your books since it is now out in digital form. I used a UK based service I had known for years to print a limited number of copies and shipped it into the country. 

"And with the income I had gotten from sales of digital copies of my books, my savings, a loan, and help from the Author Cooperative my book How To Sell On The Internet, was out and a successful launch held."

You see Francis, had to think strategically to achieve his goal of publishing his book. If he had gone the old and traditional way of waiting to gather enough money, printing mass copies like 1000 copies of the book, etc. We won`t be talking about the success of the book by now.

He will be holding an online/whatsapp goal setting course that will teach you how to apply this same strategic thinking in most areas of your life; including finance, business and career, health and more. Amongst other things he will teach you how to package, produce and launch your own products too just like he did. You will learn how to think strategically and work smartly to achieve all your 2020 goals.
[See this information page]  to learn more about this course and how to be a part of it.

Come learn from Francis Okaformbah, How to apply out-side-the box thinking and success like you have never succeeded in the last five years.


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