Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity » nTells

Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity

Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity » nTells

Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity (nTells)

Sandra Chineme
wrote in Life & Meaning
Posted on 2020/09/16
Last edited 16th January 2021 02:43:06 AM
Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity

Shun The Voice of Negativity

I can`t make it. I can`t find the right answer to my questions. I can`t understand my partner. I can`t discover the reason for my creation. I can`t ,I can`t, I can`t.

This is the language on the lips of so some people, and the kind of thoughts in their hearts - The voice of CAN`T.

The machinery of the mind is such that it is easily accessible, either by positive or negative ideas, beneficial or disadvantageous intake and even ordinary words of men. It doesn`t have to be perfect or soothing before it is acknowledged by the mind. It doesn`t have to be richly educative or unintellectual before it is imprisoned by the mind.

Though the mind sees through your eyes and reasons through your thoughts, she is the chief of all, that holds the ephod of your being. It is easily accustomed to consistency. Therefore, the more you get yourself convinced with these negative thoughts, the more you give room to be unable to get answers to your questions, unable to find the way out of any malady the world might have gotten you into.


The mind is not independent of itself. It is a created thing and must have a creator, so as to say. The beginning of all things is God, the uncaused cause of matter, mind and law. Therefore,He alone, your maker should have the answer to all questions you seek answers to. You may not understand how but there are answers to all questions and it goes down to seeking from within. You must first find yourself, before every other intended purpose from the creation of the world finds you.

Do not trivialize your time of soul searching and profound quietness of your environment. In the process of correctly seeking , you will understand the devices of negativity. It`s just as it is, negative - bad. It seeks an island within you , to refill with its registered contents.

You must be careful never to allow it`s influence superimpose your existence. Remember your existence is not trivial, so don`t go about admiring the junky contents of negativity.

Shun The Voice of Negativity

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