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What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible

What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible » nTells

What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible (nTells)

Chigozie Rachael Ibemere
wrote in Life & Meaning
Posted on 2021/06/02
Last edited 2nd June 2021 12:57:33 AM
What is Life - Life as Incomprehensible

What is life? Such a wide umbrella; "life" a word that covers so many things, and everyone`s experience of it is different. Heavy yet light.

Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life Is ugly! Ugly as similes!

The most patient teacher life is. Which presents you with the same experience over and over until you learn the best. Each moment is precious living life, yet, life is not a bed of roses neither is it one of thorns. Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

There may be two women who have been dealt with the same card in life. One miserable, stressed out, and looking twenty years older than she is. The other is the happiest lady you could ever meet and looks twenty years younger than she is. How possible is this? Science can`t explain this, that it is not our life circumstances that makes life difficult rather it is the attitude that we view our lives with. Life gives solution to every problem you might encounter but only few are far sighted.

Life has a lot to offer; Joys, Sorrows, Love, Pain, Economic difficulties, Prosperity, Serious illness, Good health, Trials, Plague, Happiness and Blissful experiences. However, how a person faces each challenge says much about their character, who they are on the inside. Some people draw strength and inspiration from the experiences of others. While some learn from their own mistakes. Life counts down on your internal clock. In this life some rise to stand taller after every fall, while others rise to fall again.


Life is full of loud shouts of distractions and contradictions. While nature fortunately sings the silent tune of focus to ears that will seek her. Life is all about what "IS" rather than what "WAS". Life goes beyond oneself, it`s so much more than you. Each entity of life has a story to tell. Even the birds of the sky whisper their own tales but sadly only a few can understand.


Life is with a thin line connecting the past, present and future. Mysterious and deep how man`s life is affected by what happened 10 decades earlier or longer. What is sweet for one man can be sour for another. One man`s honey is another`s poison as the saying goes.

Crazy life totally unpredictable. Like a gift you don`t know what life has to offer until you unravel it. Faith and Courage is what will get man through life.

A journey of what is yet to come you either walk, run or race through it. Life is too short to hold until regrets. YOUR CHOICE.

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Ilide Samuel
Ilide Samuel 6th June 2021 02:52:52 PM

Nice piece Rachael. we all found ourselves in this world of paint and pleasure, we don't know how come. But life is worth living. Only you can give yourself reasons to live.
6th June 2021 02:52:52 PM

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