Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic » nTells

Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic

Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic » nTells

Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic (nTells)

Benita Anya.
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Posted on 10th July 2020
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Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has not only hit the world with mass death but has also put so many countries in deep recession. As a result of this, a lot of companies have shut down in other to curtail the spread of the virus. The shut down of companies has caused so many citizens to be unemployed. 
International Labor Force reports that due to global unemployment, half of the global workforce is losing their livelihood. However, not all companies are on total lockdown, some companies are still hiring unemployed citizens. 
A lot of companies are on the move to employ full-time and part-time employees in this period. If you are one of those people affected by this, here is the list of companies that still employs people. 


Top Companies Hiring During This Covid-19 Pandemic 


Company Headquarters: Seattle, Washington 
Job Openings: 100,000
Location: Worldwide
Company Description: Online retailer and cloud service provider. 
Amazon announced on the 13th of April that it is hiring 75,000 workers after bringing on 100,000 people in a month. The company said that it is increasing at $2 an hour through April for "employee s and partners who are in fulfillment centers, stores, transportation operations, and those making deliveries."

Domino`s pizza 

Company Headquarters: Domino`s Farm Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Job Openings: about 10,000
Location: Nationwide 
Company`s Description: Pizza chain and restaurant 
Domino`s pizza said it`s hiring 10,000 workers to meet delivery Demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Open positions include Pizza makers, managers, assistant managers, customer service representatives, and delivery experts. 


CVS Health

Company Headquarters: Woonsocket, RhodeIsland
Job Openings: 50,000
Location: Nationwide
Company Description: American healthcare company. IT owns(CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, Aetna)
CVS announced on 23rd of March that it plans to employ 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary roles across the country.


The roles being filled include:

Distribution center workers
Store associates 
Home delivery drivers
Customer service representatives
Company Headquarters: Mooresville, North California
Job Openings: 30,000
Location: Nationwide
Company`s Description: American retail company specializing in home improvement.
Lowe`s is hiring 30,000 additional employees and giving them $80 million in bonuses. The bonuses coming to 30,000 workers range from $150 for part-time workers to $300 for full-time workers.


Dollar Tree and Dollar General

Company`s Headquarters: Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Job Openings: about 25,000 motivated individuals
Location: Nationwide
Company Description: Dollar tree: An American chain of Discount Variety stores that sells items for $1 or less. Dollar General: American chain of variety stores.



Company Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Job Openings: 10,000
Location: California, New York, Texas, Georgia, Washington.
Company Description: Online social media and social networking service

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